7 reasons why you NEED to be at Isle of Wight Festival’s 50th anniversary

We could literally list 50, but that might take a while...

Isle of Wight Festival

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We're not sure where the time's gone, but just as we've polished off our last selection box from Christmas festival season's almost upon us once again. Now obviously our Instagram feeds were full of festival inspo thanks to those lucky buggers who blagged a ticket to Coachella earlier this month; but who says the Isle of Wight can't compete with the Californian desert, eh?

Yep - Thursday 21st June-Sunday 24th June sees the infamous Isle of Wight Festival celebrate its 50th anniversary. FIFTIETH. Oh, and it doesn't look a day over 43.

If you haven't bought your tickets yet, we thought we'd give you seven reasons why you need to snap 'em up sharpish.


7 reasons why you NEED to be at Isle of Wight Festival's 50th anniversary

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1. It's their bloody birthday

Who doesn't love a big ol' birthday bash? And, since it's basically the festival's golden jubilee, they're encouraging everyone to adorn their finest golden attire on Saturday June 23rd to celebrate ✨. Like we even needed an excuse.

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2. The line-up's LIT

Where do we even begin? Isle of Wight always boasts the most eclectic line-up; and this year there's everyone from Camila Cabello and Kasabian to Liam Gallagher and our fave new popstar-type Kara Marni (she's great). There's something for everyone; even that fussy friend who makes out they don't like mainstream acts. WHATEVER HUN.

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3. The weather's absolutely glorious ☀ufe0f

Fun fact: The Isle of Wight has a reputation for being the sunniest place in Britain thanks to its micro-climate. Fab.

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4. There's some boujee af camping

Treat yourself, babes. Harvest Moon's snazzy boutique camping means you can live like an actual celeb should you choose to spend a bit more. Glamping, we believe they call it.

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5. It's well easy to get to, you know?

From London you can hop on the train from Waterloo to Portsmouth or Southampton (it only takes an hour-and-a-half), then the ferry will have you there in 20 minutes. Sorted.

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6. It's properly family friendly

There's a reason Isle of Wight's been crowned Family Festival of the Year two years in a row.

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CREDIT: Isle of Wight Festival

7. The Instagram opportunities

Let's face it, festivals are the time to get your Insta grid in check. The glitter, the glamour, the garlic mayo-drenched cheesy chips at midnight. You won't need a Valencia filter here, either.

Tempted? OF COURSE YOU ARE. Head over here to bag yourself tickets to Isle of Wight Festival's 50th anniversary EXTRAVAGANZA.

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