James Blunt Answers the Internet: Raw and unedited 👀😂

"James Blunt really is a James Blunt"

James Blunt

by Carl Smith |
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Ah, James Blunt. Ex-army-type. Singer of You're Beautiful. The go-to guy for your first dance (until Ed Sheeran probably took over, let's be honest). We bloody love the guy.

Not only is his new album Once Upon a Mind a bit brilliant, but he's actually frickin' hilarious on social media. While it'd be easy to block literally everybody taking the piss out of you on Twitter, James always owns it in the best possible way.


So, with this in mind, we thought we'd challenge him to a game of our fave franchise: ANSWERS THE INTERNET. The concept? Ol' Blunty reacts to a load of tweets like the good sport he is.

Brexit? The people went there. The fact he plagues most of our work playlists up and down the country? Yep. James Blunt being...'a James Blunt'? GAH YOU'RE JUST GONNA HAVE TO WATCH IT.

Check out James Blunt: Answers the Internet below:


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