WATCH: Jonas Brothers bring summer vibes in new video for ‘Cool’

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Jonas Brothers

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After breaking the hearts of millions and disbanding in 2013, the Jonas Brothers came back with a bang in February, gracing our ears with the Number 1 pop banger 'Sucker'. There's no slowing these boys down just yet, as they have just released their second single 'Cool', alongside a music video that gives us serious summer vibes.

The video transports us into a Miami-style pastel paradise, with the three brothers making the world swoon in matching blue suits. Joe is seen sipping cocktails on the beach, whilst Nick strolls down a Miami boulevard surrounded by dancers wearing 80s-style leg warmers and neon swimsuits. Meanwhile, Kevin rocks a dazzlingly white sailors outfit, with three parrots perched on his shoulders.

The stars all took to Twitter to announce its release, teasing fans with snippets from the new video. Nick tweeted 'It’s out!!! COOL!!!' [sic] with Kevin also tweeting 'Here we go!! #CoolVideo' [sic]. The boys also shared the video for 'Cool' off their joint account, tweeting '#CoolVideo Out Now 🆒😎🌴' [sic].

Overjoyed with the release, fans were quick to reply to the tweet, with one saying, 'wow I love y’all so much I seriously feel like I’m 17 again thanks for being so 🆒' [sic].

Thankfully, the heartthrobs also took to Instagram to share the wonderful news, giving celebrity blogger Perez Hilton the chance to say, 'This is the Burning Up sequel I’ve been waiting over a decade for!!! The only thing missing was Big Rob!! 😝'. We're with ya, Perez!

BELOW: Jonas Brothers now and then - their best throwback pics...


Jonas Brothers now and then - their best throwback pics

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Ah, Kevin. That's the face we all pulled when we realised how BLOODY YOUNG Nick looks.

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You know when you walk past those barber shops with really old example photos in the window?Yeah, that.

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Fun fact: Kevin Jonas made the bandana trend cool way before Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski.

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Joe's MySpace fringe is nothing short of iconic.

Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus5 of 8


JoBros + Hannah Montana = our entire childhood in one image. SIMPLER TIMES.

Jonas Brothers6 of 8


And, just like that, puberty happened.

Jonas Brothers7 of 8


We stanned buzzcut Nick #sorrynotsorry.

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So pouty. So suave. So...FASHWAAN.

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