Jordan Davies opens up about ‘tough journey’ to becoming a DJ

Say hello to your summer 2021 soundtrack - Undercover 🎧🥳

Ibiza Weekender's Jordan Davies launches new single Undercover

by Carl Smith |

He's been a staple on our screens for years, living it up on Ibiza Weekender and enjoying a stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house; but now Jordan Davies is swapping reality telly for a music career as he launches his absolute banger of a new single Undercover.

Yep - Jordan's teamed up with his mate Alfie Cridland on a track that's sure to be the soundtrack to your summer; and he only went and launched it 100ft above London's iconic O2 Arena.

As you do.

Being the lovely lad he is, Jordan invited us along to the fancy launch to toast to his debut track; though he revealed the journey to becoming a DJ has been 'tough.'

Jordan Davies
©Jay Firth

Chatting to heat about the struggles he's faced to be taken seriously, Jordan explained, "I'll be honest, the journey was tough.

"When I first started four or five years ago, I used to get thousands of abusive messages, daily, to the point where I was like, 'do I even continue this?' It was a lot to take.

"But I love music; it’s always been a passion of mine and I didn’t wanna let the abusive comments stop my dream."

Kids, trolling is NOT cool. Massive props to Jordan for continuing to follow his dream (and providing an absolute go-to for our summer playlist 🔥).

Jordan Davies Undercover single artwork
©Perfect Havoc

Adding that music's always been a passion of his, Jordan said, "It’s always been a dream.

"I'll never forget my first festival and thinking I would love to be up there doing that as I really do love music; especially house.

"That’s why I started learning. It’s just been a harder journey coming from a reality TV background but I like to think I'm now breaking down that barrier and reputation I once had."

And Jordan's got some big plans to play the clubs once they're finally open again.

"I'm hoping to get to Ibiza over the end of the summer," he said.

"But I wanna focus on a big UK club tour. There are some kids who are 19 who have never even been to a nightclub, so I wanna get a huge tour planned to give those kids a great night of music and let them start making memories.

"As the hospitality industry has taken so many hits over the pandemic so I wanna make sure I can give the UK clubs something big as that’s what they deserve."

Jordan Davies' brand new single with Alfie Cridland - Undercover - is out now. Give it a stream here, slap on a bit of sun cream and pretend you're by the pool with a piña colada. Summer's officially here, huns.

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