Katy Perry shares emotional lyrics for new single ‘Small Talk’

It's released this Friday

Katy Perry

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It was only few months ago that Katy Perry dropped her fantastic song 'Never Really Over'. But now she's just announced another new song is coming our way!

As well as announcing the new song, 'Small Talk', Katy has shared some of the song's lyrics on her socials. The series of three photos show the handwritten lyrics, written on a white pad of paper with the words 'From the desk of Katy Perry' written at the top.

After reading the lyrics, it appears the song is about other past relationships...

The second set of lyrics are...

'Isn't it weird

'Thank I know your weakness

'And everybody at the party thinks

'That you're the best since sliced bread.'

Finally ending with...

'I just can't believe

'We went from Strangers to lovers to

'Strangers in a lifetime.'

Fans have been quick to comment on Katy's lyrics, with many suggesting Taylor Swift might have some involvement with the song, leaving messages such as, 'TAYLOR X KATY OMGGGG 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥', and 'FT TAYLOR !!???'.

Whilst it is unknown if Taylor is involved with the song, singer Charlie Puth is apparently a producer on the track. After he seemed to confirm his involvement with the song last month, he then took to his Instagram Stories to promote Katy's new song.

Charlie Puth Instagram Story
Charlie Puth Instagram Story ©Charlie Puth © Instagram/charlieputh

'Small Talk' is the follow-up to Katy's comeback single "Never Really Over' which was released earlier this year. The upbeat single featured Katy exploring the nature of relationships, writing the track with Zedd, Dan Haywood, Leah Haywood, Dagny, Gino Barletta, Michelle Buzz, Jason Gill and Hayley Warner.

At the time of the single's release, Katy said, "All of our relationships - from first love, through failed love, to great love - all become a part of you, so that none are ever really over, and once you accept both the dark and the light, you may find that the darkness brought you to the light."

Check out Katy Perry's hairstyles through the years...


Katy Perry hairstyles through the years stacked

Katy Perry1 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 PA Images

Katy Perry's long, dark hair, 2008

After breaking out into the music scene with her iconic 'I Kissed a Girl' back in 2008, Katy Perry rocked a stunning dark brunette look.

Katy Perry2 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 PA Images

Katy Perry multicoloured hair, 2010

Long before we were all getting bright colours put in our hair, Katy Perry was ahead of the times, completely nailing this look in 2010.

Katy Perry3 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 PA Images

Katy Perry with blue hair, 2012

Pictured here during the Katy Perry Lashes by Eylure Meet and Greet at the Americana, California in 2012.

Katy Perry4 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 PA Images

Katy Perry ponytail, 2013

Pictured here in November 2013 in Cologne, Germany, Katy donned an iconic sleek, high ponytail.

Katy Perry curly hair, 20135 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 Getty Images

Katy Perry curly hair, 2013

Pictured here at the 2013 American Music Awards, Katy was seriously rocking the volumised look, with her dark brunette locks!

Katy Perry's two-toned hair, 20146 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 Getty Images

Katy Perry's two-toned hair, 2014

Katy went for a completely different look at the 28th Annual ARIA Awards 2014 in Australia, showing off an interesting two-toned look.

Katy Perry's black bob, 20157 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 Getty Images

Katy Perry's black bob, 2015

It was back to black for KP the following year, when she attended the 8th Annual GO Campaign Gala at Montage Beverly Hills.

Katy Perry's long black locks, 20158 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 Getty Images

Katy Perry's long black locks, 2016

Katy chose to wear her hair long and in a slight curl whilst performing at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Katy Perry9 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 PA Images

Katy Perry at the BRITs, 2017

Katy is pictured here at the BRIT Awards 2017, switching up her look to a some-what two-toned blonde style.

Katy Perry10 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 Getty

Katy Perry with short, blonde hair, 2017

Switching it up even further, Katy went even blonder and opted for a shorter cut - and it's safe to say she worked it.

Katy Perry11 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 PA Images

Katy Perry short hair, 2017

With hoop earrings and short blonde hair, she served some serious looks at Paris Fashion Week! Taken on 4th July 2017 in Paris, France.

Katy Perry12 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 PA Images

Katy Perry blonde hair, 2017

With her hair swept over, Katy looked truly beautiful whilst giving a speech at the Human Rights Campaign on 18th March 2017.

Katy Perry13 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 PA Images

Katy Perry blonde hair, 2017

Playing around with her blonde hair a little more, Katy continued to look incredible in 2017!

Katy Perry blonde crop, 201814 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 Getty Images

Katy Perry blonde crop, 2018

Our Kate went back to the cropped 'do for her performance at the amfAR Gala Los Angeles 2018.

Katy Perry's retro curls, 201915 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 Getty Images

Katy Perry's retro curls, 2019

Katy was seriously rocking the retro look at an awards ceremony in Philadelphia in March 2019, with some super cute retro curls and a black hairband.

Katy Perry's short bob16 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 Getty Images

Katy Perry's short bob

In 2020, Katy kept a similar hairstyle to her retro curls, showing off a short bob during an appearance at the ICC Women's T20 World Cup in March 2020.

Katy Perry's lockdown look17 of 18
CREDIT: u00a9 Getty Images

Katy Perry's lockdown look

Just like the entire world, Katy was unable to get to the hairdressers between April-July, as the world went into lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This didn't stop her looking amazing though, rocking this cute headband whilst on video chats.

Katy Perry's brunette hair18 of 18
CREDIT: katyperry u00a9 Instagram

Katy Perry's brunette locks

Whilst amping up excitement on her Instagram for a new episode of American Idol, Katy debuted her brand new brunette hair-do, and we are obsessed.The new hairstyle sparked fans to reminisce over her 'I Kissed a Girl' days, back in 2008.

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