Listen: New Drake feat Beyonce song Can I leaked online

*Warning* explicit content below. Still a tune.

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by Maria Vallahis |
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When you’re a big star and your song gets leaked online there’s almost no stopping it from appearing EVERYWHERE within minutes.

This is what seems to have happened to Drake’s new song Can I featuring Beyonce’s impressive adlibs and relatively unknown artist Sal Houdini, providing vocals.

Can I is hot-on-the-heels of another leaked song by Lady GaGa and Kendrick Lemar called PARTYNAUSEOUS. What is going on in the world?


An ever-stylish Queen Bey.

Although Drake and Beyonce have yet to comment on their track-leak, Sal posted the picture below in shock, alongside the comment: “Wait what?... The fcuk just happened?!?! If you find the link please report it. I didn't mean to do this it was just for fun.” So it looks like it was Sal’s fault?

Sal's Instagram.

Well if you want to listen to it, here it seems to be:

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