Mel B finally reveals Spice Girls reunion plans on Loose Women

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Mel B on Loose Women

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You know how the Spice Girls finally reunited and teased us all with that five-piece group selfie back in February? Well ever since the rumour mill's been in overdrive with whisperings as to what they have up their Union Jack-clad sleeves? Are we getting new music? Is that Chinese talent show really happening? Could they be working on an animated superhero movie?

Well now, in her first of three appearances as a Loose Women panelist, Mel B's revealed she's massively keen on touring with Emma Bunton, Melanie C, Victoria Beckham and Geri Horner.

Spice Girls

Chatting about the girls' reunion plans, Mel said: "We are in the works of figuring the stuff out. I don’t want to say too much. All five of us have signed with Simon Fuller. I can’t say exactly what and when but it’s all very exciting."

So are we getting any new music or what? "It’s going to be a bit of everything," Mel revealed. "If it was up to me we’d go on tour immediately. Maybe we will soon, hopefully.

"I’ve always said we’re definitely touring. I think I’ve just been nagging them all a bit too much. I stopped nagging and then they all said yes. I shut my mouth."


Asked if the girls' relationship's ever a bit 'catty,' Mel explained: "Catty? No, no. We actually all do really get on. When you’ve gone through something so huge together – we got famous basically overnight and we only had each other – so we’ve got a bond that nobody can break. We went around to Geri’s house, had a cup of tea, she put on a fancy posh spread and we just had a good old natter. I’m seeing Geri and Emma tomorrow.

"It is [like a family]. We didn’t really fall out, fall out. We’re just like five sisters. We bicker a little bit but we’ve always got each other’s back."

Mel B on Loose Women

And have the band ever totally ignored each other? "No, I’m not that kind of person," Mel said. "If I did have a problem with anybody, I’d want to sit down and talk. I wouldn’t be able to sit here if I wasn’t part of the Spice Girls, if it wasn’t for my four other friends. I feel very lucky and I feel very grateful."

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