Naughty Boy is dropping a brand new track this week…with BEYONCE!

Listen to the teaser clip here...


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Now we know Beyonce is the Queen of surprises, but how did this happen? She's FEATURING on a track with Naughty Boy and it will be released in less than two days! (Somewhere, in a small corner, Naughty Boy's arch enemy, Zayn Malik is rocking his tears away that he couldn't scoop a Queen Bey collaboration - although we haven't heard Zayn's solo music yet).

The *7/11 *singer is on Naughty Boy's track Runnin' (Lose It All) alongside Arrow Benjamin and is set for a September 18 worldwide release.


The track is the second single to be taken from Naughty Boy's second studio album and although we've already heard the track, the original didn't feature Yonce. So bloody argh.

Here's the audio version...

And to get us all the more excited, Naughty Boy is doing a live countdown on his Twitter in anticipation of the song's release:

Remember when Bey released - unnannounced - her self-titled album in 2013 and we all went berserk for it?!

This kind of stuff makes us think Bey is planning something big again. And soon, we hope.

Naughty Boy's new album follows his 2013 debut record Hotel Cabana, which featured some of our fave Brits - Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sandé and Sam Smith.

Beyonce poses for Flaunt magazine:


Beyonce poses for Flaunt magazine

beyonce 11 of 11

beyonce 1

Like magic.

Beyonce 22 of 11

Beyonce 2


Beyonce 33 of 11

Beyonce 3


Beyonce 44 of 11

Beyonce 4

"Baby got back"

Beyonce 55 of 11

Beyonce 5

Hello boobies.

Beyonce 66 of 11

Beyonce 6

Peeping out.

Beyonce 77 of 11

Beyonce 7

"Baby STILL got back" - her actual back. Lol, how funny are we?!

beyonce 18 of 11

beyonce 1

Naked Bey!

Beyonce 49 of 11

Beyonce 4

We want this bra and briefs set now!

Beyonce 810 of 11

Beyonce 8

Having a swim.

Beyonce 911 of 11

Beyonce 9

Annnd... back stroke.

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