Introducing New Hope Club and their new track ‘Medicine’

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New Hope Club

by Carl Smith |
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Here at heatworld we're always looking for new popstar-types to get ourselves into a tizzy over; and our latest obsession has to be the New Hope Club boys.

If you're a fan of The Vamps (and who isn't, let's be honest?) you might've caught Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson and George Smith on the boys' Night and Day Tour; and now they've finally chucked their new track Medicine in the direction of our earholes.

So, to celebrate its release, we caught up with New Hope Club for a chinwag after their sold out shows at London's Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

What can you tell us about the 'Medicine' video, eh boys?

George: "We filmed the music video in Birmingham on The Vamps’ tour and we actually did it on stage. It looks really cool, we’re excited for people to see it."

Speaking of The Vamps' tour, that looked bloody brilliant. What was your highlight?

Blake: "London was incredible because we did a full live set. There was 8 cameras watching the whole time, so I was constantly hoping I didn’t forget the words."

What was the weirdest thing you all got up to on the tour bus?

George: "We watched Saw with Maggie Lindemann about four times on the bus, she’d never seen it."

Reece: "It was horrible. No one was even enjoying it; we were like ‘why are we doing this to ourselves?’ Very traumatic."

What's the best bit of advice The Vamps boys have given you over the years?

Blake: "The first ever show we did with them was to 15,000 people. They took us on stage before the show and walked us around, told us where to go. That was the first moment we were like ‘thank you so much.’ Now we’re writing with Brad [Simpson] quite a lot and he’s really talented. When we watch them we’re always picking up stuff."

Listen to 'Medicine' below:

For anybody who might not know New Hope Club yet, can you each give us a fact about another member?

George: "Reece has no appendix. Blake’s left-handed, but plays guitar right-handed. Every other sport’s with his right."

Reece: "Blake’s a talented painter. He’s a great artist."

Blake: "I like acrylic painting. George loves Star Wars. He has a collection of Star Wars mugs. If you want to impress George or get him to like you, get him one. That’s the most important thing that could come out of this interview."

And how would you describe your sound to anyone who's silly enough not to have listened to you yet?

Reece: "Have you heard of donk? Nah, we write all our own music so we have a lot of different influences. We all play instruments. We take influence from old and new music; we’ve got so many songs we want to release."

What are your plans for the rest of the year, then?

Reece: "We want to release as much new music as we can, and then keep touring and doing our own shows. We’re just getting a taste for it and want to do more. Then an album."

New Hope Club's new track 'Medicine' is available to stream, download and all that jazz NOW.

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