Rapper Ramz dishes out his best relationship advice

Including how to link your ting from Barking...

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by Arianna Chatzidakis |
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British rapper Ramz rose to fame through his hit song Barking. This summer, he's performing at Wireless festival (which we can't wait for, BTW). But the other week, he dropped by to give us some VERY important advice...

Ramz, who definitely knows how to link his ting from Barking, has answered all of your most-asked relationship questions, including how to get over an ex, how to actually link your ting from Barking, and who should pay on a first date. Read all of his juicy answers, below...

How does one actually link their ting from Barking?

"[Drop a ] couple texts here and there, and the famous line ‘you’re not trying to link me’. Then one [person will] say ‘What time? Whereabouts?’. It could be at the house or it could be somewhere else. On a first date I’d take a girl somewhere like TGIs. Then you meet up. The rest is history."

My ting is from Barking, but I'm stuck in Wimbledon. How do I deal with the long distance relationship?

"Chuck in a couple Facetime sessions." LOL.

How do I introduce my ting to my mum?

"She’s got to come round on a Sunday. [If my mum doesn’t like her] she’s got to go."

You’re at a party and you bump into your ex-ting. How do you deal with the situation?

"Some of mine are a bit mad, so you’ve just got to blank them up. You can’t do anything with someone else because then the party is finished."

How long do I leave it after the first date to text ting and WTF should I say?

"You’ve got to text them once you’re home safe, that’s the big text when you know they care and want to see you again. If she doesn’t text that then you might not see her again."

Ramz also recommends not leaving it too long to text them again if you're interested in a second date: "If you went on a date on Wednesday, you’ve got to ask her on Friday for a [second date]. Say what are you doing next week."

How do you prep for a first date?

"Trim. Car wash. Make sure the cars clean. Maybe some new trainers."

What’s the best opener to use when sliding into someone’s DMs?

"Emojis. You’ve got to use the love struck one, animals are good as well Use some silly ones, that’s how you get a reply, because they’re like ‘What is this?' and you just go from there." So, Ramz tactic is to confuse the girl...

Should you ever get back with an ex?

"Nah. It’s history. It’s done."

Who should pay on the first date? And why?

"A guy should pay, but it’s nice is a girl offers. Or halves."

What’s the best way to get over heartbreak?

"Keep yourself productive. Music is a good way to get over it."

Catch Ramz performing at Wireless Festival this year. Listen to his latest single Family Tree here.

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