Lawks! Ricky Rayment off TOWIE is releasing a single

Sadly, The Only Way Is Up it is not.


by Georgina Terry |

Blimey O'Reilly.

Did you know that Ricky Rayment, formerly of TOWIE, is a singer?

Nor us. That bit of info had completly passed us by.

And we spend a LOT of time thinking about Ricky and specifically Ricky's beard, Ricky's hot dogs and Ricky's fit face.

Sure, there was that time about a hundred years ago (last year) when he released a clip of him singing a song called I'm Not That Easy.

But we thought that was a JOKE.

But it seems that the joke was on us.

Ricky has teased that he has a new single coming out.

It appears to be a cover of *Careless Whisper *by Wham! and because newly blond Ricky has said this:

and we love Ricky, we are just going to present the snippet without comment.

Does Ricky make our list of TOWIE's fittest EVER castmates? Of course he does!

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