Spice Girls share the CUTEST birthday tribute to Victoria Beckham

And now we're violently sobbing to 'Viva Forever'

Spice Girls

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Spice Girls Geri Horner, Melanie C, Emma Bunton and Mel B have posted the most adorable tribute to Victoria Beckham on her 45th birthday, despite her absence from their Spice World 2019 tour.

We've obviously known Posh Spice isn't partaking in the girls' reunion shows since last November and, yeah, we've totally come to terms with it. That doesn't mean she's no longer in the group, though; as the band reckon she's 'always a Spice Girl.'

Don't mind us, we'll just be blubbing along to Viva Forever in the corner.

Posting a tribute to Posh on her 45th birthday, the girls shared a throwback pic with the caption 'Happy Birthday @victoriabeckham, always a Spice Girl ❤️✌️'; and obviously the fans are loving it.

'Happy birthday icon,' wrote one fan. Another commented 'Happy B'day @victoriabeckham always and forever our Posh Spice' [sic]. ⁣⠀

BELOW: Spice Girls arrive at Spice World 2019 tour rehearsals in London


Spice Girls arrive at Spice World 2019 tour rehearsals

Spice Girls arrive at Spice World 2019 tour rehearsals1 of 4

Spice Girls arrive at Spice World 2019 tour rehearsals

Spice Girls arrive at Spice World 2019 tour rehearsals2 of 4

Spice Girls arrive at Spice World 2019 tour rehearsals

Spice Girls arrive at Spice World 2019 tour rehearsals3 of 4

Spice Girls arrive at Spice World 2019 tour rehearsals

Spice Girls arrive at Spice World 2019 tour rehearsals4 of 4

Spice Girls arrive at Spice World 2019 tour rehearsals

This all comes after Emma Bunton addressed Mel B's absence from the girls' rehearsals, which kicked off in London this week.

Speaking on This Morning, Emma explained: "Me, Geri and Mel C were there. Mel B is in LA as she still has commitments and her children.

"She's rehearsing there, which is really funny. She learns the same steps as us. We're face-timing. We're doing the same rehearsals but she's there."

Asked when the band will all be back together as a foursome, Emma said: "[Mel B] comes over soon.

"I think she's coming over in the next few weeks and then we learn it all together."

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14 shocking facts you NEVER knew about the Spice Girls

Spice Girls1 of 14
CREDIT: Shutterstock

1. They were originally called Touch

When the girls first got together, they were called Touch. It wasn't until Geri thought to change their name to Spice that the band eventually agreed on Spice Girls.

Spice Girls2 of 14
CREDIT: Shutterstock

2. Geri MISSED the original audition

After getting sunburnt on a ski trip to Spain, she thought better than to turn up to the auditions with a red face. Thankfully then-manager Robert 'Bob' Herbert gave her a second chance when she called after the original search.

Spice Girls3 of 14
CREDIT: Shutterstock

3. Emma wasn't in the original line-up

Baby Spice was last to join the group after original member Michelle Stephenson quit the band in 1994. Victoria went on to claim Michelle 'just couldn't be arsed' to put in the same work as the rest of the girls.

Spice Girls4 of 14
CREDIT: Shutterstock

4. They're Simon Cowell's 'biggest regret'

Speaking to Jay Leno in 2013, Simon said: "Spice Girls is probably my biggest mistake," before explaining "I offered them a deal, but they didn't want to sign to me, so that kind of hurt at the time."Victoria doesn't agree with Simon's account, though. Claiming he passed up on their offer on Idol in 2009, she said: "He is the only man in the music industry who turned down the Spice Girls – and said we would never work. I like that fact."

Spice Girls5 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram

5. They didn't come up with their own nicknames

That was the idea of former Top of the Pops Magazine editor Peter Lorraine back in 1996. It just stuck.

Spice Girls6 of 14
CREDIT: Spice Girls

6. Wannabe almost wasn't their debut single

The girls have explained they had to fight for the pop classic to be their first single, while the record label reportedly wanted Love Thing. IMAGINE.

Spice Girls7 of 14

7. The Wannabe video was BANNED in some parts of Asia

This was due to Mel B's erect nipples.

Spice Girls8 of 14
CREDIT: Shutterstock

8. Geri's Union Jack dress made a FORTUNE

The infamous dress Ginger wore to perform Wannabe/Who Do You Think You Are? at the 1997 BRIT Awards was sold at auction in 1998 for $68,000 (£41,320) at a Hard Rock Cafe auction. It's since been spotted on display at a casino in the US.

Spice Girls9 of 14
CREDIT: Shutterstock

9. Speaking of the Union Jack dress...

It was actually made of a 'boring' black Gucci dress - the outfit Geri was originally supposed to wear - and a Union Jack tea towel.Explaining how the look came about, Ginger's former stylist Emma Poole told The Telegraph: "Two nights before, Geri said, 'You know what, Emma? I'm not really comfortable with the dress I'm wearing, I've got a much better idea. I'm going around to my sister's, she's got these great Union Jack tea-towels. I'm going to make a dress.'"

Spice Girls10 of 14
CREDIT: Spice Girls

10. Geri WROTE Goodbye

Sort of. Although the girls' third Christmas number 1 is thought to be written about Geri's departure, she was actually involved in the early stages of the track when it was intended to be included on the Spiceworld album. Mel C explains in the girls' autobiography Forever Spice: "Goodbye was originally about a relationship ending, but now it's about Geri and it's really sad."Ginger isn't credited as a writer for the released version of the track.

Spice Girls11 of 14
CREDIT: Shutterstock

11. They were Nelson Mandela's 'heroes'

His words!

Spice Girls12 of 14
CREDIT: Shutterstock

12. Victoria's the only member WITHOUT a solo number 1

Out of Your Mind - her collaboration with True Steppers and Dane Bowers - was pipped to the post by Spiller's Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) back in August 2000. Oh, how we miss those big chart battles.

Spice Girls13 of 14

13. The Viva Forever video is DEEP

As the girls were too busy touring to film a video for Viva Forever - their last single featuring Geri - they turned to Aardman Animations for the treatment.In an interview with Crack magazine, director Steve Box explained that the video's about loss of youth. He said: "It's like the sadness of the song is leaving your childhood behind. "Pop music is all about sex and love, so becoming interested in that, you suddenly put the toys away, you start to grow up in a different way."

Spice Girls14 of 14

14. And the Spice Up Your Life video's pretty dark

An unreleased alternative ending to the video shows an erotic dancer in front of a 'SEXXXY SPICE GIRLS' sign, somebody seemingly choking and what appears to be a stack of dead bodies. YouTube it. It's SO WEIRD.

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