Spice Girls to ‘remake’ iconic Wannabe video – but there’s a catch

Easy V doesn't come for free, famously...

Spice Girls Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Geri Horner, Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham

by Carl Smith |

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Michael Jackson's Thriller. Madonna's Like a Prayer. All iconic music videos that broke the mould and challenged social stigmas.

And do you know what sits nicely alongside those? The Spice Girls' Wannabe vid. Not even joking.

Shot back in 1996, the clip launched Melanie B, Melanie C, Emma Bunton, Geri Horner and Victoria Beckham onto the pop scene in an explosion of platform heels, red hair dye and leopard print; all from London's snazzy St. Pancras Hotel.

So it seems only right that the girls celebrate the smash single's 25th anniversary next year somehow, right? Well new reports claim that's the plan - but there's a catch.

Spice Girls Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner on the Spice World 2019 tour

According to The Sun, the group are set to recreate the infamous Wannabe video for the milestone; though Posh Spice Victoria is 'exceedingly unlikely' to sign up.

A source said, "The Spice Girls were hoping to hit the road in 2021 to mark their big anniversary but now it’s not possible because of the pandemic.

"They’re all in touch weekly and are trying to come up with new ideas on how they can do something special to mark the big day.

"Mel C suggested doing something around Wannabe — including the idea of possibly re-working the video for social media.

"There are so many options and nothing is off-limits. They want to give the fans something special."

Wannabe remains the girls' best-selling single (though that accolade should arguably go to Viva Forever...); having shifted a casual 1.7million copies in the UK alone.

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1. They were originally called Touch

When the girls first got together, they were called Touch. It wasn't until Geri thought to change their name to Spice that the band eventually agreed on Spice Girls.

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This all comes after Sporty Spice Melanie C recently told Australian mag Stellar that the current four-piece line-up hope to take their Spice World Tour across the pond after its run proved so successful here last year.

"I can promise you it's a topic of discussion between us," she told the publication.

"We owe you a show. I'll do my best to make that happen."

Meanwhile, former-but-sort-of-still-Spice-Girl Victoria has been branded 'selfish' amid claims she and husband David Beckham could've been coronavirus 'superspreaders' after partying in LA.

One commenter wrote, 'Have I read that correctly, they caught it partying in America, possibly spreading it wherever they went, then they flew to America spreading it again?

'My god, how thoughtless, stupid, arrogant and careless is that[?] A disgraceful and disgusting pair.” Another one fumed, “These two are beyond selfish, there was a worldwide pandemic going on and they thought it was OK to fly everywhere and host a huge party.'

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