The Vamps: Vital facts you need to know about the ‘All Night’ stars

The lads are going on tour with their album 'Cherry Blossom'!

James McVey, Connor Ball, Bradley Simpson and Tristan Evans of The Vamps

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The Vamps are one of the biggest boybands around, especially after James McVey took part in I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! in 2018 - they even managed to keep busy during the Coronavirus pandemic, with Bradley Simpson performing a set for fans as part of Global Citizen Together At Home.

The band have gone from strength to strength, having released their debut album 'Meet the Vamps' in 2014 and their fifth album 'Cherry Blossom' in October 2020! Here's everything you need to know about The Vamps...

The Vamps performing in April 2019
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Are The Vamps going on tour?

The Vamps originally announced their 'Cherry Blossom Tour' for the Spring of 2021, however the UK dates were rescheduled for September 2021, with the Irish dates being moved to 2022.

Who are The Vamps members?

The members of The Vamps boyband are Connor Ball, Tristan Evans, James McVey and Brad Simpson.


Who are The Vamps stacked

Bradley Simpson
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Birthday: 28th July 1995Height: 5ft 7inBorn: Sutton Coldfield, West MidlandsRole: Lead vocals and guitar

James McVey
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CREDIT: u00a9 Getty Images

Birthday: 30th April 1994Height: 5ft 11.5inBorn: BournemouthRole: Lead guitar and backing vocals

Tristan Evans
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Birthday: 15th August 1994Height: 6ft 1inBorn: ExeterRole: Drums and backing vocals

Connor Ball
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Birthday: 15th March 1996Height: 5ft 7inBorn: Aberdeen in Scotland but grew up in Hatton, WarwickshireRole: Bass guitar and backing vocals.

How old are The Vamps members?

Their birthdays are above, which makes Brad currently 26-years-old, James 28, Tristan 27 and Connor 25-years-old.

How did The Vamps get their name?

In an interview with, Bradley revealed that James and him came up with the idea for the band name when they were just going through a list of potential names. When they came to The Vamps he said it just 'felt right'.

Connor added, "It also means a throwing together of things, which I guess we like to think we did as a band!"

In another interview, with Hollywood Life, the band revealed they were big fans of The Vampire Diaries and according to James, "Tristan’s a massive fan of Twilight".

How did The Vamps members meet?

The Vamps first formed in 2011. James McVey, who already had management, decided he'd like to be part of a band, and subsequently found Brad Simpson through his YouTube channel. The pair wrote songs together in late 2011, and they met drummer Tristan Evans through Facebook in 2012. The three of them then met Connor Ball through a mutual friend.

They uploaded cover songs to their YouTube channel in the summer of 2012, with their performance of One Direction's 'Live While We're Young' being a particular fan-favourite. From here, they grew a huge fanbase who were extremely supportive of the band.

Are The Vamps still together?

Yes, The Vamps are most definitely still together. The band released a new album called 'Cherry Blossom' in October 2020.

WATCH: One Direction - 'Live While We're Young' (Cover By The Vamps)

What do The Vamps sing?

The Vamps have plenty of well-known songs, including their debut single 'Can We Dance', 'Oh Cecilia' featuring Shawn Mendes and their newest single 'Chemicals'.

What are The Vamps' fans called?

If you're a fan of The Vamps then you're a Vampette or a Vampion!

The Vamps: Albums

'Meet The Vamps'

Their debut album 'Meet The Vamps' was released in 2014, and reached Number 2 in the charts but was kept off the top spot by Paolo Nutini's 'Caustic Love'. It featured some of the boys' biggest hits, like 'Wild Heart', 'Last Night', 'Somebody to You', 'Can We Dance' and 'Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)', which was adapted from Simon & Garfunkel's 'Cecelia'. A later version featured vocals from Shawn Mendes.

'Wake Up'

The band's second album 'Wake Up' was released just 18 months later in November 2015. It peaked at Number 10 and was certified Gold. It spawned singles 'Wake Up', 'Rest Your Love', 'I Found a Girl', 'Cheater' and 'Stolen Moments'. The supporting tour saw the band perform in a whopping 18 countries, with support from the likes of Connor Maynard.

'Night & Day'

Third album 'Night & Day' had two version - one called the 'Night Edition' in July 2017 with the 'Day Edition' following in July 2018. It debuted at Number 1 on the album chart and even out-selling Ed Sheeran's '÷' that week. Singles from the record include 'All Night', 'Middle of the Night', 'Hands', 'Staying Up' and 'Just My Type'.

The Vamps
©The Vamps © Mercury / Virgin EMI

'Cherry Blossom'

They also released their fifth studio album 'Cherry Blossom' on 16th October 2020, which peaked at Number 1 in the UK Albums Charts, featuring lead single 'Married In Vegas' which the band performed on Strictly Come Dancing on 15th November 2020!

The Vamps' biggest songs

'Can We Dance'

The Vamps' song 'Can We Dance' was their debut hit which was released in September 2013, and peaked at Number 2 in the UK. 'Can We Dance' was kept off the top spot by OneRepublic's 'Counting Stars'.

'Somebody to You'

'Somebody to You' was The Vamps fourth single from their debut album, 'Meet The Vamps', and reached Number 4 in the UK. 'Somebody to You' was the group's fourth successive Top 5 song and was certified Gold in the UK.

How much are The Vamps worth?

According to OK! magazine, the band are collectively worth £7.3 million.

Who is The Vamps' most famous friend?

Taylor Swift is their gal pal after they went on tour together. She likes the boys so much, she cooked for them on a trip to LA. Home-made Thai green curry, with brown rice, FYI. Apparently she’s a brilliant cook.

Taylor Swift
©Taylor Swift © Getty Images

The Vamps' dating history

Brad Simpson's dating history

Brad Simpson gets mega nervous on a date, but that didn’t stop him rocking up to the First Dates restaurant for a hook up live on the TV as part of Channel 4's campaign Stand Up to Cancer. And we loved him all the more for it.

Although it's not known what happened after the date, Brad seemed to get along really well with his date Isobel Mills from Worthing. The pair both rated their date 10/10 and went to famous London hotspot Ronnie Scott's jazz club.

Brad spoke about finding love as a celebrity, telling Isobel, "It’s quite a superficial world and people are there blowing smoke up your a--- the majority of the time. You need to surround yourself with people you trust and I think that’s the key to not being too lonely."

He also told Lorraine, "I think there’s a common misconception in the whole of the entertainment industry that, people in the public eye and I have got it made and they can meet people really easily. But, I think at the same time it’s a hindrance being in the public eye because people already have this perception of you and this side of you and this idea of what you’re like in their heads."

James McVey's dating history

James McVey, of course, is engaged! After appearing on I'm A Celeb! 2018, he made great friends with footballing legend and King of the Jungle Harry Redknapp, who gave him some advice on getting engaged.

One month later, James and his model girlfriend Kirstie Brittain were engaged! Having been together for four years, the pair briefly split at the start of their relationship but reunited shortly after. James shared the happy news in an interview with Hello! magazine.

He said, "Harry said he knew a really good jeweller whenever I was ready to do it and I thought, ‘I may as well just do it’. By the time Harry arrived I had already chosen the ring; as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one. And Harry loved it too."

Model Kirstie opened up about the moment James got down on one knee, confessing that she didn't know what he was doing to begin with as he had the box at "a funny angle".

"I kept saying, 'are you joking?' And he hadn’t actually asked me to marry him because he was crying," she said, as James added, "She said, 'Aren’t you going to ask me then?’ So I did."

James and Kirstie
©James and Kirstie © Getty Images

Tristan Evans' dating history

Tristan Evans is thought to be single, having become engaged in April 2018 to his model then-girlfriend Anastasia Smith, but when we asked him about his relationship in November, he seemed very uncomfortable and avoided the question.

The pair removed all trace of each other on their Instagram profiles, and Anastasia reportedly commented on Instagram, 'thanks so much huni yes we have split but it’s all for the best...' [sic]

Connor Ball dating history

Connor had a previous relationship with Luisa Hackney, an Instagram model, but is now dating Lucy Moore, with the pair taking a trip to Thailand earlier in 2020.

Who are The Vamps' musical influences?

Brad told Birmingham Live in September 2013 that, although he doesn't mind being likened to One Direction and Harry Styles in particular, he actually thinks they're more like other bands.

"There are worse people I could be getting compared to," he joked. "In terms of music, I think we’re more like McFly or Lawson than One Direction. They’re more ‘music bands’. They write and play their own stuff and that’s what we want to do.

"They’re a massive influence and I like comparisons with them as we write and play and we pride ourselves on that. We toured with McFly earlier this year and it was great to play to our own fans in Birmingham."

The band even covered McFly song 'That Girl' in 2013, the video for which featured McFly bassist Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher's sister, Carrie Hope Fletcher. They then supported McFly on their 'Memory Lane' tour later that year.

However, Brad's own musical tastes differ somewhat to the type of music the band makes, "I’m more into indie to be honest. Bands like The Strokes, Foo Fighters and The 1975 are what I’m listening to at the moment. The rest of the band are really varied, from pop punk to more acoustic stuff, we’re into a lot of different music."

When we caught up with the band in May 2019, they revealed who they'd have headlining their own music festival. Tristan said heavy metal band Metallica, whereas James would like pop star Taylor Swift. Connor chose The Arctic Monkeys, with Bradley asking for Panic! at the Disco.

What pets do The Vamps have?

Between The Vamps, they have pet dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, a horse and a lizard. Rex the Lizard is Connor’s number one, and even gets a daily walk. “You can take them for walks on a lead just like a dog,” he told the Telegraph. “I’ve never actually done that… I might get funny looks. If you don’t take him out of his vivarium enough [though] his skin turns from an orangey-yellow colour to black and he looks really angry.”

Where is Brad Simpson's gin bar?

Brad has his own gin bar in Sutton Coldfield called Simpsons Gin Bar with his dad Derek, mum Anne-Marie, and sister Natalie. He told Birmingham Living he wasn’t initially a big fan of gin but his parents are, so it was a good excuse for him to try more. Handy. Make ours a Burleigh’s & Mediterranean tonic, ta.

NOW WATCH: The Vamps Dish The Dirt On Each Other!

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