Wanna know how much money S Club 7 made?

Hannah Spearritt reveals all. But it’s not as much as you’d think…

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by Anna Lewis |
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If you’ve ever wondered what kind of money you could have made if you were in a moderately successful pop band in the ‘90s/‘00s, then you are in luck!

Hannah Spearritt has revealed how much money she made during her time in S Club 7. And it’s not as much as you might think…

It’s easy to think the band would have earned upwards of a million. But Hannah, 34, has admitted that she earned an average of £150k a year while in S Club.

Don't get us wrong - we'd love that kind of money. We just thought it might have been a touch more.

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"I got about £600,000 from S Club 7 over four years. It was a lot of money, I didn't really realise,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

Hannah, who now stars in Casualty, said: "I used it to buy my first ever house with Paul. It was a mews house in Crouch End with three bedrooms. It was nice.

"We paid £375,000 and then sold it for about £475,000 after three years. I didn't realise how lucky I was then to be able to buy the house outright. I really appreciate it now."

But Hannah did admit there were times when she was a little worried about her finances.

She revealed: "There have been times when things have gone in that direction. It isn't a nice feeling. I'm OK as long as I know I can pay my bills and have a little bit of money on top to go enjoy myself. To go to the theatre and stuff - that's all I need.

"Anything above that is a bonus. That's what I need to do to keep my stress levels down. I'm a lot better about money now because I never known when my next job is coming from.”

She added: "I've learnt to slow down. I enjoy going to charity shops and vintage shops now and seeking out odd things that not everyone has got.

"I used to buy more expensive stuff and wear it once and then it would be hanging in the wardrobe and I wouldn't be able to sell it."

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