WATCH Zak Abel take on a series of HILARIOUS challenges

We can't stop laughing

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by Arianna Chatzidakis |
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He can sing and he can song-write, but is British singer Zak Abel actually ABLE to succeed in a series of bizarre and hilarious heat challenges? We put him to the test.

To celebrate the launch of Zak's new song 'Love Song', which you can listen to here on Deezer, we forced him to take part in a weird and wonderful challenge video. Because why not, right?

We made him do everything from eat a super hot chilli pepper (obvs) to impersonate Morgan Freeman. Find out how he did, below, and get ready for some mega lols...

Watch Zak Abel take on a series of funny challenges:

Speaking about the inspiration behind his new song, Zak said "for me it was about letting go of negativity or negative relationships, whether that was in myself or a relationship I had with someone else, and just living more in line with my values."

And when asked what it felt like to be a Deezer Next Artist, he said: "it feels amazing, there's a lot of artists in the world and they chose me to be the Deezer Next Artist so it means a lot." Aww!

Listen to Zak's new song 'Love Song' here on Deezer, and check out his music video here.

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