CBB’s Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson get down and dirty in bed (and Bear gets jel)

They've certainly moved on from the store cupboard…

Stephen Bear

by Polly Foreman |

Even by Celebrity Big Brother's standards, Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson are having a seriously whirlwindy romance. We swear it took them about 40 seconds to start flirting once they got inside the house.

Stephen Bear
©Channel 5

In last night's episode, we saw the two scampering happily to the store cupboard to share a cheeky snog, before locking lips for all to see in a game of truth or dare (is it just us or are this year's clan playing an awful lot of truth or dare for a house full of adults?).

CBB Lewis Marnie kiss
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In tonight's episode, things are set to heat up EVEN MORE as they upgrade their surroundings from canned goods to the sheets. While in bed together, Lewis says to Marnie: "You have beautiful lips. You are a right sort!"

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Stephen Bear
©Channel 5

But it seems Stephen Bear (bae) THIS IS SO WRONG I MIGHT PUKE may be getting a tad jealous of their fling. He later says to Renee Graziano: "I don't trust him. He likes Marnie a lot, she don't care for him. He's gone in too quick."

Later on in the Diary Room, the reason behind his words becomes clear. He says: "If I want to kiss Marnie I will. Lewis really likes Marnie, Marnie doesn't really like him."

Stephen Bear
©Channel 5

Unfortunately for little Bear, things aren't looking good. In the smoking area, Marnie says of him: "None of youse know what he's capable of, he's ruthless!"

But Bear needn't worry too much, as many on Twitter have branded the whole thing a showmance. We at heat bloody love a cross reality show fling, but we've got to admit we're also less than convinced by this one's validity...

We hope things are genuine though, as Marnie could probably do with some comfort on the outside when she's delivered the shock news that her tit flash to Saira Khan led to 79 Ofcom complaints (which is a little excessive, if you ask us).

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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