Geordie Shore: Charlotte Crosby warns that THE WORST thing happens

In terms of girl power :(

Charlotte Crosby

by Georgina Terry |

Charlotte Crosby, our Geordie Shore princess, has issued a stark warning to fans of the show.

She claims that this season, which is somehow number 12 despite heat not ageing a day since the show began, is terrible in terms of girl friendship.

We are gutted. The rock solid female relations between Charlotte and Holly Hagan, plus the one between Marnie Simpson and Chloe Ferry, have always formed the basis of Geordie Shore.

Well, that and Gary Beadle and Charlotte’s bang again/off again relationship.

Charlotte spilled the beans on the *heat *radio breakfast show, and told Emily Segal:

“One of the worst things a girl can do to another girl happens this series.”

The worst thing a girl can do to another girl? That’s point out her moustache, right?

But not in this case.

Charlotte, rather sweetly, remained tight-lipped on the details and said: “It hasn’t happened just yet [in episode one that aired last night] but I think you’ll see things start to unravel.”

But we already know what she’s referring to because HEAT KNOWS ALL.

We believe she’s referring to new cast-mate Chantelle Connelly starting an actual relationship with Scotty T, despite Chloe telling Chantelle that she’s in love with him.

Geordie Shore Chantelle Connelly Chloe Ferry
Geordie Shore Chantelle Connelly Chloe Ferry ©MTV

Ooh burn.

Speaking to heat, Chantelle was unrepentant about breaking the girl code, and told us: “I didn’t know Chloe, it wasn’t that she was my friend, and I’m not gonna stop liking someone for someone I’ve met for two minutes, do you know what I mean?”

Which is 100 per cent the way to get the girls of the house on your side. Not.

But does Chloe have the last laugh? We saw Scotty’s behaviour in Ex On The Beach and Celebrity Big Brother so we’re guessing that the thing with Chantelle didn’t last.

Jordan hit out at his ex for her on-screen antics with Scotty T
Jordan hit out at his ex for her on-screen antics with Scotty T

Hang on - we’ve just remembered that Gaz told heat that Charlotte has a MASSIVE, roll on the floor, fight in this series. So maybe the breaking of the girl code refers to that. It’s probably the Chantelle/Chloe betrayal though. For sure.

You can hear The World According to Charlotte every Wednesday morning on heat Radio Breakfast with Emily Segal.

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