Coronation Street viewers in tears after Paul Foreman retells his abuse ordeal

The scenes were aired in last night's episode

Coronation Street's Paul

by William Marriott |

Coronation Street viewers have tweeted their praise over scenes that aired last night, which showed Paul Foreman open up about his abuse ordeal at the hands of paedophile Kel.

Paul, who is paid by Peter Ash, told his sister Gemma and mother Bernie about what he had been through as a child, after they found evidence of the past in Kel's flat.

Coronation Street's Paul and Gemma
Coronation Street's Paul and Gemma ©ITV

Thinking Kel was the criminal for burglaries happening in Weatherfield, the mother/daughter duo broke into Kel's flat in an attempt to find evidence to show he was the culprit. However, they instead found child abuse images of Paul and other boys.

In the scenes, Paul said, "These are some of the first pictures he took. We were all supposed to go but you chucking up and we were only 11.

"You [Bernie] said you'd have to stay at home to look after her [Gemma] but that me and Kel should go anyway. It was just me and him, it felt like a right adventure."

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While Kel is remanded in custody under suspicion of burglary, inspectors question him about the photos of Paul and other boys found at his flat.

Coronation Street's Paul, Gemma, Bernie and Billy
Coronation Street's Paul, Gemma, Bernie and Billy ©ITV

"We went for a swim and there was no-one around. Then he got his camera out and took some pics. It was just messing about, we'd have a drink and a laugh. After he'd say thank you."

Paul then devastatingly revealed, "After every time, after every photo session, always thank you. And after we did it for the first time when I was 14, thank you. After every time. I loved him, I loved her [Bernie's] boyfriend. I couldn't say anything."

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And fans were quick to take to Twitter to congratulate the soap for how they tackled the storyline.

One user wrote, "This scene broke me. I glad Paul’s family found the pictures and he told his story. I cried when he cried..", while another commented, "Amazing, amazing, amazing. Paul screaming at his mum that she'd failed him. Oh my goodness. That's #coronationstreet at its finest and the most wonderful."

A third said, "This story with Paul has been played brilliantly, Incredible episode tonight. Hats off to everyone involved" and a fourth added, "Highly moving and emotional scenes from twins, Gemma and Paul on a tough sex abuse storyline. Big congrats to all involved for the sensitivity it is being shown in @itvcorrie."

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