EastEnders’ LEGEND to return for Christmas Day episode

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The Christmas Day EastEnders special is shaping up to be QUITE the event, as one of our favourite characters of yore will be back on the Square in time the explosive episode.

Actress Tameka Empson has confirmed her character Kim Fox will be making her return to Walford for what’s beginning to seem like one of the most exciting East End Christmasses of ALL TIME.

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Lee Carter (played by Danny-Boy Hatchard)
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Lee Carter (played by Danny-Boy Hatchard)

The last time Lee Carter was in the Square was back in 2017 when he was suffering with depression. Now it's been confirmed that he'll return to Walford for a short stint to help support his family. The Carter family are currently struggling with their son Ollie and as the stress piles on, Linda begins to rely heavily on alcohol. Confirming his return to the BBC soap, Danny-Boy said: "The way things are going with the Carters at the minute, it makes total sense that Lee would return, even for a short stint. "I will always be loyal to the Carter Clan and the show and am very excited to be back on set with some immensely talented people whom I love dearly."Executive producer Jon Sen added: "We are thrilled that Danny-Boy is returning to Walford to reprise the role of Lee Carter. "Lee obviously left the Square under a cloud but now he returns to vanquish demons and help Mick and Linda as they struggle through their latest crisis."

Kim Fox
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"Kim has been working in Scotland as a tour guide," she told The Daily Star, explaining her six month absence. “But she's coming back soon.

"And I'm hoping it will be a big storyline. With Kim Fox it's got to be big. We can't just have her turning up at the cafe. I don't know what I'll be doing. All I know is it will be a Christmas cracker!"

Christmas Albert Square

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Tameka isn’t the only star to have given us an insight into what to expect this festive season, with Danny Walters, who plays Keanu Taylor on the soap, also letting us into some secrets.

"It's going to be explosive, like classic Christmas Day. There’s a lot of involvement of the Keanu and Sharon storyline," he said.

"And it’s been going for a while, the Sheanu storyline and you see different elements to the relationship - when he’s been tied to the bed with pink fluffy handcuffs and you’ve seen him when he’s tied to a warehouse, threatened [with death]."

Tameka Empson

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Albert Square legend Mick Carter, AKA Danny Dyer, appeared on The One show earlier this month to discuss the "powerful" episode.

"Listen it’s the most important episode of the year, it’s powerful," he told hosts Patrick Kielty and Michelle Ackerley.

"There’s always a bit of a knees up, there’s always going to be some sort of punch up going on.

"It’s brilliant this year every year’s brilliant but this year it’s a culmination of many storylines coming together."

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