Louis Walsh’s X Factor groups have ALL changed their names already

Remember when Little Mix were once called Rhythmix? Yeah...

Louis Walsh X Factor groups

by Heat |

It's pretty difficult to be considered 'original' on The X Factor these days. Well, unless you're Ottavio and Bradley, of course.

So like Little Mix before them, Louis Walsh's final three groups have had to change their moniker ready for the live shows.

Viewers were really happy with Louis' choice of groups, BTW. He chose to send home fan favourites Four Of Diamonds AND Yes Lad, which led to people having a meltdown on Twitter:

Anyway, back to business.

**Ottavio and Bradley ** will become... Brattavio!

Kinda sounds like some weird orchestra, no? Just us?

The Brooks (worst names ever), who are twins, will now become Brooks Way!

Which is even worse, in our opinion. Ah well.

Three piece 5AM will now become Five After Midnight.

So there you have it, Brattavio, The Brooks and 5AM all competeing for X Factor glory. No girl bands in sight.

not fair

Judges Houses continues tonight, with Sharon's Overs and Nicole's Boys battling for a place in the live final.

HoneyG is ready for battle and Calvin Harris makes a appearence! Reason enough to tune in, no?

What do you think of the name changes? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter (@CloserOnline).


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