Love Island: Sophie Gradon moves on from Tom Howell with new FITLORD Oliver Fernandez

Warning: SPOILERS ahead

Love Island

by Georgina Terry |

Remember when we reported that Sophie Gradon, our *Love Island *queen, had finally broken up with master of the moody Tom Howell?

Really guys? It was literally a couple of hours ago.

Anyway, we are pleased to announce that Sophie appears to have moved on already – hooray!

Soph has managed to stay faithful to Tom despite pretty much every new boy who comes into the villa having the hots for her, but now she's single for the first time since day one she is making the most of it.

Love Island

And the first boy who may be in with a chance is *Love Island *newbie and FITLORD [Oliver Maxwell Fernandez.]

Oliver enters the villa during tonight's show, along with Marnie Simpson's ex Troy Firth, and each boy chooses three girls to go on a date with.

Oliver chooses Sophie because his eyes aren't painted on, plus Kady McDermott and Tina Stinnes, but it was Sophie he was most attracted to.

Love Island

And it seems like the feeling was mutual.

"I’m really flattered that you’ve asked me. I really admire you for it. I was worried that you might just think 'I wouldn’t do it, to upset Tom’," Sophie told model Oliver during their hot tub date.

Tom? He still hasn't left then?

Knowing that his time to make a good impression is short as only one of the new boys will stay in the villa longer than a day, Oliver decided to be upfront with Soph about his feelings and told her: "I do feel we connect. I don’t know if you do, or if it’s just me.

"I’m not the sort of guy to throw myself into a situation and be like 'I really like you', because that’s not me. It would be stupid for me to say that, but I do feel we have a connection. I don’t with anyone else, at all."

Love Island

Of course, seeing the best woman in the villa – and his chance of staying on the show – getting on so well with someone else, Tom tried to weasel his way back into his ex's affections.

"I know I f*cked up big time with you. This whole thing has made me rethink the whole situation and make me rethink me and you. You’ve made me change," Tom told Sophie.

"You matter the world to me. You’re my main priority, there’s nothing else that compares to you. You’re the one thing that I have to look after in this life."

Excuse us while we throw up in our mouths a little.

But will Soph go back to her first Love Island love? Honestly? We'd rather she didn't.

*Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2 tonight and for the rest of eternity. *

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