CBB’s Ricky Norwood is NOT HAPPY with Heavy D about his comments to Chloe Khan


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Ever since Heavy D boomed his way into the Celebrity Big Brother house, we’ve been baffled for a number of reasons. Firstly – who the f*ck is he? Secondly – why is he so bloody loud STFU, and thirdly – how on earth could he possibly think he has a chance with Chloe Khan?

Heavy D
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His flirting was semi entertaining at first (remember the poem?), but it just got seriously uncomfortable and weird when he continued to not get the hint she wasn’t interested.

Speaking to Lewis Bloor on Monday, Chloe dismissed any potential for romance after refusing to kiss him in truth or dare (seriously, why are they playing SO MUCH truth or dare in that house?).

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She said: "To be honest I just don't want to kiss him on TV or in private. I really like the guy, but I don't want to kiss him on the mouth.

Lewis replied: "He's not used to being around pretty girls. He's not used to rejection and actually understanding what's right and what's not right. If you pay him one compliment he takes that as 'oh maybe I'm in here.'"

Chloe said: "I think he thinks I'm totally into him and I just feel bad that he might think I've led him on, but I've just been like to him like I am with everyone else."

Heavy D got even more unsettling and gross in last night’s episode, referring to Chloe as “that”.

During a scrap in the smoking area, Lewis said to Heavy: "You was a nice guy until she turned you down, and now you've turned."

Ricky Chloe
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He then replied: "No, I don't give a shit about that,"

Literally, ugh.

The other housemates were seriously pissed off by his words. Marnie Simpson screamed: "About that?" and Ricky Norwood took Heavy aside to speak to him.

He said: “What you're saying is stirring the pot, and stirring the pot is never nice.

"If you've got something to say on a situation then say it, but there's certain things the way in which you say them.

"I wouldn't have anybody refer to a lady as 'that'. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

He also said: “words have power and words have meaning and words can hurt and words can stab and words can kill,” which is very poetic if you ask us.

We’re glad you’re finally coming out of your shell, Ricky

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