10 things we LOVE about Julia Stiles – the star of new Lifetime show Blue

We met her, and she is LOVELY

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by Emmeline Saunders |
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Oh Julia Stiles, how magnificent is your face? We've basically loved you since the 1990s...

We caught up with the star of Blue, the TV show that's brand new to Lifetime, to find out all about her new role - and we learned a LOT of stuff about her. Here goes:

She LOVES Britain

I did a play in London’s West End a few years ago and we shot The Bourne Supremacy mostly here because we were at Pinewood Studios. I love London, I live in New York and it’s a lot colder and has more slush there, so you guys really can’t complain about the weather. Yeah, the drizzle’s bad, but that’s part of its charm, right?

She’s open to doing a 10 Things sequel

Recreating that experience would be SO fun, it’s just… what would the story be? It’s nice to hear people have responded so much to that movie though; the thought of me having so many opportunities and it was my first big break, so I think of it very fondly.

She STILL knows her audition piece from *Save The Last Dance *

I remember some of the steps. There’s a two-step I sometimes pull that out at weddings. We trained for months for that, and we were doing choreography every weekend!

She’s all about the private dance party

My new thing is that I make a playlist for half an hour and have my own private dance party in my living room, because then there is no pressure and nobody’s watching. It’s really good exercise.

She’s a nice neighbour

I can’t do it on the weekends because my neighbours complain, but during the week I crank up that playlist and blast it out.

She’s still mates with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

We live in different cities now but we keep in touch off and on. I still have some music that he recorded back then. He’s a really talented musician – I love the little videos he records with Zooey Deschanel.

She’s a massive fan of crowdsurfing

Recently I went to this gig, and it was a running joke with the band that I’d crowdsurf. I just ran up on stage and made sure the people in the front row had my attention so they would catch me and not drop me, and it was so fun!

She actually owns a baby banjo

I love music, I actually started taking voice lessons because I like singing but I want to have more control over my voice. One of the best Christmas presents I got this year is called a baby banjo. I’m not going to record an album anytime soon, but it’s a fun thing to carry around with me when I’m travelling.

She still gets super-embarrassed about stripping off on set

You’re in your underwear in front of a camera crew. Argh! I’m lucky that one of my best friends is the costume designer, so when I have to pick out my skivvies she’s there to help me.

She laughs a LOT while filming Blue

The most hilarious scene we’ve shot so far is when she has a client who doesn’t want to have sex with her, he just wants to wear a diaper and have her tickle him. People are into some weird stuff.

You're telling us, Julia. Catch Blue on Monday nights at 10pm exclusively on Lifetime from 2 March (Sky 156/Virgin 242/TalkTalk 490).

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