20 sweets you’ll remember if you were a ‘90s or ‘00s kid – from Anglo Bubbly to Melody Pops!

We can almost feel the burn of those Atomic Fireballs now…


by Anna Lewis |

To be a kid again, eh? The bundles, posties and the complete ignorance to gum decay…

Remember those INCREDIBLE sweets you used to be able to get at your local Kwik Save/ice-cream van/tuck shop? Well we got talking about our favourites the other day, and thought we’d see if they were your favourites too.

Check out our gallery of ‘90s and ‘00s sweets you used to love. And let us know if we’ve missed anything…


'90s and '00s sweets

Anglo Bubbly
1 of 20

Vice Versas
2 of 20

Atomic Fireballs
3 of 20

Trolli Burgers
4 of 20

White Chocolate Ice-cream Cones
5 of 20

6 of 20

Candy Necklaces
7 of 20

Sherbet Straws
8 of 20

Cadbury's Miniatures Machine
9 of 20

Ring Pops
10 of 20

Dip Dabs
11 of 20

Push Pops
12 of 20

Fizz Wiz
13 of 20

14 of 20

Fruit Polos
15 of 20

Love Hearts Lipstick
16 of 20

Golden Gum Nuggets
17 of 20

Kola Frosties
18 of 20

Melody Pops
19 of 20

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