21 gifs that will make you feel better about being hungover

There there, heatworld will make it all better

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Is your head banging? Do you feel full of regret? Is every app in your phone open because you woke up in blind fear of what you might've said/done/posted last night and you need to check? Every app apart from your internet banking, obviously. It's too soon for that. Do you feel really vomitious one moment and the next so full of hunger pangs that you could lick a pavement if it was covered in sweet, sweet salty goodness?

Sorry to tell you, you've got a hangover.

But don't worry - help is at hand. There's one thing sure to make you feel better... sympathy and the knowledge that you are not alone. And the ability to share this story and/or any gifs included on a social network so the whole world knows just how hungover you are.

Here are some gifs of other famous types being hungover that should help.

Hush now, Marnie from Girls knows your pain

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And Snookie totally gets it

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Of course Snookie gets it

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Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory knows your shame

[View post on imgur.com](http://imgur.com/w9POeWY)

April from Parks and Recreation has an idea for you

[View post on imgur.com](http://imgur.com/b3zfHsF)

Phil Dunphy from Modern Family has had the same conversation as you

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The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco is you at work right now

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This is why Khloe Kardashian is everyone's favourite Kardashian

[View post on imgur.com](http://imgur.com/d5w1v7R)

Patsy knows you're trying your best

[View post on imgur.com](http://imgur.com/vrtN7hg)

This kid isn't famous, but just gets it so hard

[View post on imgur.com](http://imgur.com/1ykhXC6)

A baby-faced Ed Sheeran agrees with you

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It can even happen to Iron Man

[View post on imgur.com](http://imgur.com/ROjFJIt)

Jess from New Girl had the same trouble as you this morning

[View post on imgur.com](http://imgur.com/4dYF3rx)

Reese Witherspoon shares your dreams

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](http://imgur.com/YZqYUEm)*Sex*Sex){href='http://imgur.com/YZqYUEm)*Sex' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'} and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker has the same questions as you

[View post on imgur.com](http://imgur.com/xR0DwHI)

Dianna Agron in Glee shares your salty, tasty tears

[View post on imgur.com](http://imgur.com/BrrccjM)

Amy Schumer knows exactly what snacks you need right now

[View post on imgur.com](http://imgur.com/DlzKxru)

Cameron Diaz has a message for your boss

[View post on imgur.com](http://imgur.com/LycUtq3)

Mindy Kaling shares your lunch choices

[View post on imgur.com](http://imgur.com/srY5loN)

Ron Weasley in Harry Potter wants you to know it can happen to wizards too

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But Pauly D is your true spirit animal... be honest...

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