30 of the happiest animals you’ve ever seen – from a happy horse to a jolly giraffe!

Because the only thing better than cute animals are cute animals with smiles on their faces!


by Anna Lewis |
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OK, so the joy of Christmas is well and truly over. So what have we got to look forward to in January? Waiting a whole year for Christmas 2015? Getting cold and wet walking to work? Realising that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you’ll be having a ready meal and one-glass bottle of Merlot on your own? Sad times…


heat Makes You Happy is here for the second year running and we promise to cheer you right up – no matter what it takes!

And what makes people happier than photos of happy animals, right? So check out our 30 happiest animals EVER! From a happy horse to a jolly giraffe!


Happiest animals ever

Happy dog, happy chick and happy bunnies1 of 30

Happy dog, happy chick and happy bunnies

Happy tortoise2 of 30

Happy tortoise

Happy crocodile3 of 30

Happy crocodile

Happy sloth4 of 30

Happy sloth

Happy anteater5 of 30

Happy anteater

Happy seal6 of 30

Happy seal

Happy dog7 of 30

Happy dog

Happy owl8 of 30

Happy owl

Happy bunny9 of 30

Happy bunny

Happy otter10 of 30

Happy otter

Happy cat11 of 30

Happy cat

Happy ostrich12 of 30

Happy ostrich

Happy caterpillar13 of 30

Happy caterpillar

Happy mouse14 of 30

Happy mouse

Happy corgi15 of 30

Happy corgi

Happy monkey16 of 30

Happy monkey

Happy elephant seal17 of 30

Happy elephant seal

Happy meerkats18 of 30

Happy meerkats

Happy dog19 of 30

Happy dog

Happy sheep20 of 30

Happy sheep

Happy fish21 of 30

Happy fish

Happy koala22 of 30

Happy koala

Happy giraffe23 of 30

Happy giraffe

Happy dog24 of 30

Happy dog

Happy lamb25 of 30

Happy lamb

Happy guinea pig26 of 30

Happy guinea pig

Happy kitten27 of 30

Happy kitten

Happy seal28 of 30

Happy seal

Happy horse29 of 30

Happy horse

Happy lamb30 of 30

Happy lamb

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