30 toys you used to love but have probably forgotten about now. From Pound Puppies to Pogs!

We miss you, Sylvanian Families!


by Anna Lewis |
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Remember the good old days when you didn't have to go to work (sorry boss - we love working here, honest), you had no responsibilities and the only important decision you had to make was which toy to play with next? Toys were litterally all that mattered, and boy were there some cracking ones to choose from. Ahhhhhhh, those were the days.

Well those days are over. But instead of weeping into your grown-up quinoa-based lunch, take a look through our gallery of 30 toys you used to love but have probably forgotten about now - from Pound Puppies to Pogs!


Toys you used to love

Grow Your Own Alien1 of 30

Grow Your Own Alien

Boglins2 of 30


Wacky Wall Walker3 of 30

Wacky Wall Walker

Bubble Mower4 of 30

Bubble Mower

Tamagotchi5 of 30


Butt Head6 of 30

Butt Head

Talk Boy7 of 30

Talk Boy

Cupcake Dolls8 of 30

Cupcake Dolls

Sylvanian Families9 of 30

Sylvanian Families

Dear Diary10 of 30

Dear Diary

Super Soaker11 of 30

Super Soaker

Doodle Bear12 of 30

Doodle Bear

Stretch Armstrong13 of 30

Stretch Armstrong

Dream Phone14 of 30

Dream Phone

Spokey Dokeys15 of 30

Spokey Dokeys

Fashion Wheel16 of 30

Fashion Wheel

Spirograph17 of 30


Bop It18 of 30

Bop It

Sky Dancers19 of 30

Sky Dancers

Glo Worm20 of 30

Glo Worm

Skip It21 of 30

Skip It

Lite Brite22 of 30

Lite Brite

Mr Frosty23 of 30

Mr Frosty

Sea Monkeys24 of 30

Sea Monkeys

Pogog Ball25 of 30

Pogog Ball

Push Pops26 of 30

Push Pops

Pogs27 of 30


Puppy Surprise28 of 30

Puppy Surprise

Polly Pockets29 of 30

Polly Pockets

Pound Puppies30 of 30

Pound Puppies

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