8 moments we can’t WAIT to watch on tonight’s Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison!

Jen's got a lot of surprises up her sleeve and is determined to work her girls into the ground - but will their mums stand for it?


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Last week, Dance Mums really kicked it up a notch. If you somehow managed to miss it, Jennifer Ellison decided it was time to stop messing around and start really moulding the girls – and their boisterous mothers – into a credible dance troupe. Unfortunately, not all of the mums agreed with Jen’s no-nonsense approach, so once again there were plenty of tears and tantrums in between the amazing dance numbers.

There was also that shocking fight between two of the mums – troublemaker Danielle and ‘sly’ Carol – and Jen was left wondering how on earth she was going to lick them into shape.

Watch how she got on in tonight’s Dance Mums Episode 3 on Lifetime at 9pm – and take a look through the gallery below for the bits you CANNOT miss.


Dance Mums Episode 3 - 8 moments we can't wait to see

2. Maxine gets confused about where Glasgow is1 of 8

2. Maxine gets confused about where Glasgow is

“Do I need euros or a passport?” she wonders out loud to the camera. To be fair, this was filmed before the Scottish referendum. She had a point. But with three days to go before the competition, we really hope someone enlightens Maxine as to which country the city of Glasgow is actually in…

3. Jenu2019s ballsy audition move2 of 8

3. Jen’s ballsy audition move

With the removal of one of the girls, Jennifer’s got no choice but to hold an emergency audition to replace her. But did she have to do it in front of the rest of her team AND their mums? And without warning them? This is a very Abby Lee Miller-esque move – but will it have the impact Jen hopes for?

4. The kraken awakes...3 of 8

4. The kraken awakes...

Predictably, Charlotte’s got plenty to say about the new arrivals. “Brenda’s a two-faced bastard as well,” she gobs. Of course, as soon as the new mums enter the viewing gallery she’s all over them, hugging her arch-nemesis and calling her “babe”. Awkward.

5. New mum Helen is SASSY4 of 8

5. New mum Helen is SASSY

“If you’re old enough to play the game, you’re old enough to play by the rules of the game,” she tells the mums’ lair viewing gallery tartly, eyebrows perfectly arched. Maxine’s face says it all.

6. D'oh!5 of 8

6. D'oh!

Blink and you’ll miss it, but yes, that IS Sam hitting herself in the face with a bowler hat. Ouch.

7. Brap brap ma muthas6 of 8

7. Brap brap ma muthas

Jen wants to take the girls to Portugal for a prestigious dance competition – but there aren’t enough pennies in the coffer to get them there. Step forward the mums, who have got a few fundraising ideas up their sleeve: um, recording a rap single. And that’s it. The guys at the recording studio aren’t impressed, but it was well worth all the rigmarole just to see Maxine wearing a baseball cap at a jaunty angle #totesurban.

8. The big performance7 of 8

8. The big performance

They’ve finally got to Glasgow – albeit a handful of members fewer than they originally started with – and it’s time for the group performance. But with Jennifer having to change around the routines the day before the big competition, can the girls really pull it off? Tune in tonight at 9pm on Lifetime to find out!

1. The shock suspension of one dance mum8 of 8

1. The shock suspension of one dance mum

Following last week’s fistfight between Danielle and Carol in the canteen, Jennifer’s got no choice but to suspend one of the girls – and their feisty mum – from the team. But who’s going to go? And who’s going to get their final warning?

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