AMAZING NEWS – now EVERYONE can audition for Eurovision!

The competition’s been opened up to the whole of the UK. SWOON

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Just when you thought Eurovision couldn’t get any better – the catty remarks off Graham Norton as he gets steadily drunker throughout the night, the incredible traditional costume that always happens to be cut on the skimpier side – it just bloody has.

Because next year, for the first time ever, the entry process has opened up to include EVERYONE in the UK, and that means YOU could represent the country in Stockholm next May.


This could be you!
This could be you!

Think of it as a way nicer X Factor, but obvs way more fabulous and accepting. No Simon Cowell to crush your dreams, no need to have a vomit-inducing emotional ‘journey’ on your way through the selection process. And absolutely ZERO warbly covers of songs that should have been left to the pros.

Basically, this is the kind of competition we can all get on board with. All you need is a bunch of mates – no more than six of you, say the rules – a video camera and a decent-ish voice. Oh, and you need to be at least 18 on 1 January 2016. And be free to travel to the Swedish capital between 10 and 14 May. Everything else is up to you.

Or this!

Good old Graham Norton’s really excited about this, saying: “Eurovision is one of the highlights of my year and I love the fact that the BBC is launching its biggest song search ever.

“I think it really shows that they take the competition seriously and the fact that the public will get the final say on who is sent to represent the UK in Stockholm next year is the icing on the cake.”

Not this though. This is Jedward. They're already a thing.

Oh, and did we mention that the BIGGEST EUROVISION FAN CLUB IN THE WORLD will be helping to pick the winning act? Yep. The OGAE - Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l'Eurovision if you’re feeling fancy – will be on hand to sort out a shortlist before it goes to the public vote, so you’re guaranteed to have at least a few supporters out there other than your nan if you go for it.

SO. Fancy it? Why the hell not – you literally couldn’t do any worse than Jemini’s awful nul points song from 2003.

Check out all the BBC’s terms and conditions over here.

Eurovision Song Contest: the worst outfits EVER!


Eurovision Song Contest: the worst outfits EVER!

Conchita Wurst - Austria1 of 54

Conchita Wurst - Austria

When you look that good as a woman (check out the pins!), why not make yourself a t-shirt dress with a picture of yourself on it eh?

Army Of Lovers - Sweden2 of 54

Army Of Lovers - Sweden

We're sorry, but how were these not the winners last year? Or every year? Bring back AOL!

Javine Hylton - West End Eurovision3 of 54

Javine Hylton - West End Eurovision

We're sorry, this is gross. But this reminds us of a used tampon

Javine Hylton - West End Eurovision4 of 54

Javine Hylton - West End Eurovision

We're sorry, this is gross. But this reminds us of a used tampon

Gaby Roslin - West End Eurovision5 of 54

Gaby Roslin - West End Eurovision

At least Gaby had those dressing room drapes as a last resort when her dress broke

Mika Newton - Ukraine6 of 54

Mika Newton - Ukraine

Mika's song for 2011 was called Angel. This outfit is anything but going to fashion heaven

Cheryl Baker from Bucks Fizz - West End Eurovision7 of 54

Cheryl Baker from Bucks Fizz - West End Eurovision

Leather hotpants aren't a good idea at the best of times. Let's just hope there were no side splits in this routine

Javine Hylton - United Kingdom8 of 54

Javine Hylton - United Kingdom

Remember Javine? We do. But until now, we did not remember this awful outfit, thank goodness

Soraya - Spain9 of 54

Soraya - Spain

We pity the poor person who had to stick all those diamantes on only to get an end result like this

Dita Von Teese and Alex Christensen10 of 54

Dita Von Teese and Alex Christensen

Dita was a guest in Moscow in 2009! Wearing a veil. And little else

Svetlana Loboda - Ukraine11 of 54

Svetlana Loboda - Ukraine

Just caught sight of yourself in the mirror? It's too late now!

Bonnie Langford - West End Eurovision12 of 54

Bonnie Langford - West End Eurovision

Apparently the West End's version of Eurovision is no better dressed (or tressed)

Yohanna - Iceland13 of 54

Yohanna - Iceland

NOhanna more like. We don't need to see a loo roll cosy on the stage thanks

AySel and Arash - Azerbaijan14 of 54

AySel and Arash - Azerbaijan

Gaga would be totes jealous of that one metallic Lycra leg

Diana Gurtskaya - Georgia15 of 54

Diana Gurtskaya - Georgia

The shredder strikes again. Someone should really have moved this off the Eurovision set before letting the acts get in the way

A bit of all white. Or a lot of all white16 of 54

A bit of all white. Or a lot of all white

Dima Bilan - Russia

Laka - Bosnia and Herzegovina17 of 54

Laka - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Clown college try-outs were last week, sorry love

Boaz - Israel18 of 54

Boaz - Israel

What a lovely sweaty satin waistcoat that is

Balthazar - Romania19 of 54

Balthazar - Romania

Slightly reminiscent of Geri Halliwell in her Spice Girl days, no?

Gisela - Andorra20 of 54

Gisela - Andorra

We can't help but guess Shakira might have something to do with this frocky horror...

Elnur and Samir - Azerbaijan21 of 54

Elnur and Samir - Azerbaijan

We're guessing flying without wings isn't an option then

Rebeka Dremelj - Slovenia22 of 54

Rebeka Dremelj - Slovenia

Auditioning for Wicked, were we?

Cascada's Nataile Horler - Germany23 of 54

Cascada's Nataile Horler - Germany

At first glance, we thought Natalie might have weed herself

Ishtar - Belgium24 of 54

Ishtar - Belgium

Was 2008's Eurovision circus themed?

Marija Sestic - Bosnia25 of 54

Marija Sestic - Bosnia

This outfit wouldn't have looked out of place on last night's MET Gala red carpet

KMGs - Belgium26 of 54

KMGs - Belgium

My, that silk shirt looks very inviting

Eliza Todorova - Bulgaria27 of 54

Eliza Todorova - Bulgaria

Giving Heath Ledger's leather trousers in 10 Things I Hate About You a run for their money

Eric Papilaya - Austria28 of 54

Eric Papilaya - Austria

In the '90s, we would have killed for those trousers

Helena Paparizou - Greece29 of 54

Helena Paparizou - Greece

Another one falls victim to the dreaded paper shredder

Jari Sillanpaa - Finland30 of 54

Jari Sillanpaa - Finland

Those newspaper trews were actually all over the Moschino S/S '14 catwalk, dontcha know

Cosmos - Latvia31 of 54

Cosmos - Latvia

'70s choirboys made a comeback in 2006 apparently

Carola Haggkvist - Sweden32 of 54

Carola Haggkvist - Sweden

2006 doesn't seem long ago enough to accept that spray-on jeans were 'a thing'

Petra Mede33 of 54

Petra Mede

Is it a coat? Is it a dress? Is it a tux? There's only one thing we know for sure. That it's gross

Lordi - Finland34 of 54

Lordi - Finland

J.R.R. Tolkien would be proud

Sibel Turzun - Turkey35 of 54

Sibel Turzun - Turkey

My, what a lovely embellished nude body stocking...

Nonstop - Portugal36 of 54

Nonstop - Portugal

Let's hope she doesn't need a wee anytime soon

Nonstop - Portugal37 of 54

Nonstop - Portugal

A green nappy with chains attached? Why not?

Tina Karol - Ukraine38 of 54

Tina Karol - Ukraine

Is it just us, or did Rita Ora wear those very boots recently?

Dana International - Israel39 of 54

Dana International - Israel

Dana had this lovely ensemble specially made for her by Jean Paul Gaultier, although he apparently forgot the top. At least Dana had those black beads eh?

Olivia Newton John - United Kingdom40 of 54

Olivia Newton John - United Kingdom

Er, Olivia? The Sound Of Music auditions are in the other room

Javine Hylton - United Kingdom41 of 54

Javine Hylton - United Kingdom

Believe it or not, this outfit beat Katie Price to represent the UK in 2005

Krista Siegfrids - Finland42 of 54

Krista Siegfrids - Finland

Krista just decided to hang out in Willy Wonka's factory for her performance. That poor slaughtered swan for that tail though...

Alexsandra - Russia43 of 54

Alexsandra - Russia

Who needs a surname when you look like this?

Sanda Ladosi - Romania44 of 54

Sanda Ladosi - Romania

Sanda wasn't only lucky enough to be the Romanian entrant for Eurovision 2004, she was also chosen to embark on a serious fake tan trial

Jedward - Ireland45 of 54

Jedward - Ireland

Who could forget the iconic Jedward in their Britney jackets?

Dream Express - Belgium46 of 54

Dream Express - Belgium

1977 was apparently the year of the camel toe

eurovision-song-contest-worst-weirdest-odd-outfits-ever-4747 of 54


Svetlana Loboda - Ukraine48 of 54

Svetlana Loboda - Ukraine

Svetlana Loboda - Ukraine

Sequinned suspenders? Eww49 of 54

Sequinned suspenders? Eww

Ich is actually very on-trend. Check out our green hair feature in heat this week

Ich Troje - Poland50 of 54

Ich Troje - Poland

Ich is actually very on-trend. Check out our green hair feature in heat this week

Emmelie de Forest - Denmark51 of 54

Emmelie de Forest - Denmark

Well there's a use for our old bedsheets

Margaret Berger - Norway52 of 54

Margaret Berger - Norway

Uh-oh. Herve Leger bodycon rip-offs have just reached Norway...

Petra Mede53 of 54

Petra Mede

Hostess with the mostess amount of dress, but leastess sense of style

Natalie Horler from Cascada - Germany54 of 54

Natalie Horler from Cascada - Germany

Yep, pull a wacky face and you can pretend you didn't throw your white dress in the coloured wash

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