Wait Amber Davies was in this tv show from our childhood!?


Amber Davies

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From telling everyone and anyone who entered the villa that they were 'her type on paper' (to be fair, all the guys look the same - salty af) to making up lies just to keep Kem on his toes (lol) it's fair to say Amber Davieshas more sass than a RuPaul tribute party at Mahiki nightclub.

Then when she told Kem of her innermost dreams of performing at the West End, something clicked. (Quicker than Jess and Mike in the after show hotel, ooh er.)

HANG ON A MINUTE. The fabulous evilness? The assertivness?

The love of the bright lights and jazz hands? Amber looks suddenly very familiar...

Wasn't Amber Davies on the telly before when she was really young? Didn't she used to ruin Tracey Beaker's life with her hard AF siblings?

Amber Davies look EXACTLY like a Roxy Wellard off of Tracey Beaker?!

Amber love island

The similarities are uncanny.

However, after a quick journalistic research (read ) Roxy Wellard was played by Sophie Borja who took on the role between 2005 and 2006.

IRL Amber Davies is a dancer and said how 'I have always been 100% sure I was going to be a performer from a little girl.'

That settles it then!

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QUIZ: Are you the 'Amber Davies' of your friendship group?

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