Andrea Corr keeps her face in a jar

Stand down, everyone, The Corrs have found the secret to eternal youth


by Jen Crothers |
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In the ultimate ‘appropriate-thing-to-happen-on-a-designated-big-social-media-day’ news, Irish three sister and brother combo The Corrs have gone the whole hog with #ThrowbackThursday and announced they have officially reformed and have a new album in the ‘can’.

Not only that, but they’ve also managed to come back looking exactly the same as they did back in 2004, when they put being the Irish von Trapps on hold. Ten years on, lead singer Andrea is cackling in the face of premature ageing and is basically doing the finger in the direction of the fountain of youth.

Answering the age-old question of how they all looked so young at a press conference this afternoon, 41-year-old Andrea admitted:

“We all go home at night and put our faces in a little jar, a pickled jar. I certainly do mine. I put it in a jar beside the bed, along with my wig.”

Violinist Caroline, 42, however, prefers to take a marginally more radical approach to beauty preservation.

“You didn’t know this, but we were cryogenically frozen for the last ten years.”

It’s certainly a fresh approach in the pop world to staying young looking so we applaud The Corrs for their ingenuity. You can’t not, really.

The Corrs’ new album White Light is out on November 27th, with a UK and Ireland tour in January 2017. Click here for more information

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