Apple’s come up with an easier way to fix our cracked iPhones

Our prayers have finally been answered!


by Hamaiz Iqbal |
Published on

Hands up if you've ever cracked or broken your iPhone screen. Yepppppp – haven't we all. It's literally the bane of our existence, having to find one of those 'dodgy' repair shops that you don't 100% trust or having to get it fixed from the Apple store who charge you more money than you earn.

Well it seems that Apple have answered our prayers and have decided to make our lives a whole lot easier. The tech giant will be launching their exclusive machine to third-party stores by the end of 2017. The machine is specifically designed to fix iPhone screens and will really get down to the nitty-gritty of fixing our phones (woop!)

Called the 'Horizon Machine', it isn't designed for basic cracks and chips, it's for more complex screen smashes – ideal for when you drop it on the pavement or it falls into the toilet. It just means that they'll be an easier way to fix your phone if it breaks.


The Horizon Machine will be able to test the new screen's fit and it will mean that it will be more precise in terms of how it fits onto your phone. This is super important, especially for touch screen phones, as everything HAS to be in the right place in order for it to work.

This new way of fixing our phones might not result in lower prices, but it is likely to mean that we won't have to wait as long to get our repaired phones back (because living without a phone is unbearable right?)

The Horizon Machine isn't a new invention, it's been around for quite a bit – but it was exclusively JUST for Apple employees, but it seems as though Apple heard our cries, and have decided to take pity on us by making them available to third-party stores.

Now atleast we won't have to wait AGES to reply back to all of those Whatsapp messages (phew)

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