ASDA is selling a giant magnum of Prosecco for 14 QUID

We'll take 30

ASDA prosecco

by Carl Smith |
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What with the fact it's been approximately 67 degrees outside, our lives have been all picnics and Prosecco lately. With, y'know, the odd bit of work on the weekdays. The only issue? It's wreaking absolute HAVOC on our bank balance, mate.

So thank the higher powers ASDA are now selling an actual, full-on MAGNUM of Prosecco for just £14. One-four. Fourteen.

That's basically £2.33 a glass aka well cheap.

ASDA prosecco

The Fillipo Sansovino 1.5 litre bottle's described on ASDA's site as 'Great for celebrating any occasion - weddings, parties or just the weekend" and is a "deliciously soft and appley Prosecco from Italy that's perfect as an aperitif or with light fish and pasta dishes.'

We like celebrating. WE LIKE PASTA. We've got a feeling this is one for us.

You should probably be quick, though; it's expected to sell out very soon indeed. Go. Over here. Right now.

ASDA prosecco

Thank us later, yeah?


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