Bake Off’s Tamal Ray: “My love life is lacklustre”

Oh, and he told us it’s OK to eat cake (and he’s a doctor!)

Tamal Ray

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We spoke to GBBO’s Tamal Ray ahead of tomorrow’s final and here’s what he had to say!

What’s the maddest 
thing a fan has sent you?

There’s been a lot more fan art than I ever imagined. Some amazing, some, well, more gold star for effort… There’s an amazingly talented woman who makes dolls’ house furniture and has been making miniature replicas of the winning Showstopper each week.


    You’ve been the sex symbol of this series. How does that feel?

    It’s all a bit surreal. I think I’m as amazed by it as most of my friends. How could someone who has such 
a lacklustre love life be considered a sex symbol?

    Do Mel and Sue ever stress you out or put you off while you’re baking?

    No way! They were brilliant in the tent – so good at calming us down when things were getting stressful, and always there with kind and funny words of support. It wouldn’t be Bake Off without them.

    Paul has shaken your hand – what’s his handshake like? Has he got coarse bakers’ hands?

    Definitely a very firm handshake. Do bakers 
have coarse hands, though? Surely they’re just toned from all that kneading?

    Have you put on weight during filming?

    I actually lost a bit of weight - probably stressing about pastry too much – but it’s all come wobbling back 
on in the last few weeks.

    What’s next for you?

    I’m really not sure, to be honest. There are things 
I’d love to do but, for now, I’m just happy to see where things take me.

    Finally, you’re 
a doctor. How many cakes can we technically eat and still be healthy?

    I don’t think people should stress out too much about 
a little treat here and there. As long as you’re eating a decent diet otherwise and exercising, you can enjoy a bit of cake.”

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