That Easter hot cross bun/Battenberg hybrid you’ve always wanted’s here



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In weird-yet-oh-so-brilliant food news that might even top that ingenious UK pizza festival and the even more ingenious fried chicken festival, a BATTENBUN now exists in this world.

'What's a Battenbun when it's at home?' we hear you cry. Why it's a hot cross bun/battenberg hybrid, of course.

Basically the new cronut (so 2015) which has been dubbed 'Easter's hottest hybrid cake' is the brainchild of celebrity chef Anna Olson off of Food Network's Bake with Anna Olsen; and who are we to argue with that, really?

©Food Network

It might sound slightly ridiuclous, but we had one delivered to the office and tbh it was delicious. Then again, could we ever say no to a hot cross bun covered in pink and yellow icing?

If you like the look of it and are based in or around London, you can pick up a Battenbun on a first-come, first-served basis in East London bakery Lily Vanilli this Easter Sunday; ahead of the series premiere on Monday 24 April.

Oh GO ON, what is there to lose?

©Food Network

Should make a nice change from all those Easter eggs on your Instagram feed this weekend. If you make one at home (the recipe's below, hun) just make sure you tag your bake with #BakeWithAnnaOlson. You'll be unleashing your inner Anna in no time, mate.



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