Benedict Cumberbatch reveals he secretly loves ghosts.

Well, Ghostbusters the film anyway. And that’s the same thing.

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This weekend our very own BenCum (yep, we’re still calling him that even though it sounds like something foul and dirty) will be twinkling up the red carpet with his new wife Sophie Hunter at the Oscars hoping to pull in a win for his performance in the brilliant The Imitation Game.

BenCum and his lucky lady wife

But while we’re busy drooling at him on screen, ever wondered which films or film stars float his boat or tickle his biscuit? BenCum spoke to itunes about what he likes watching when he has a bit of downtime and we’re pleased to say its not all high-brow la-de-da historial watsits. His favourite film of all time is Ghostbusters. Boom. And his favourite TV shows? French and Saunders and Buck Rogers (ask your dad)

BenCum loves a ghoul...

Here he chats with his very own mouth:

What’s your favourite award winning or nominated film from last year?

"I'm really bad at favourites but 12 Years A Slave the terrifying true story of Solomon Northup - a free man from upstate New York being abducted and sold into slavery in the antebellum, United States. It shows Solomon's hellish plight to return to his family and escape the horrors of slavery and I was genuinely honoured to play a small part in such a truly important and expertly realised piece of cinema. It's an important film that I feel will stand the test of time. McQueen's vision for the cinematic telling of Solomon's tale through Sean's lens, capturing the stunning rawness of Chiwetel, Michael, Lupita, Sarah, Alfre, Adepero... It's an uncompromising and unforgettable experience for an audience. So proud to be part of that winning company. I also thought Spike Jonze's ‘her' was a masterpiece of film in its execution at every level and in its poetry, philosophy and humour. An amazing film."

Favourite film of all-time?

"Ghostbusters II - I can't answer this question seriously!! How do you say you prefer Ladri Di Biciclette to 2001: A Space Odyssey to Boogie Nights...?! You can't and it makes a nonsense of art to have to chose winners... although I suppose that makes me a hypocrite in answering the above question and I do prefer Ghostbusters to Ghostbusters II though! Although anything with Bill Murray in is instantly amazing."

Was there a film or TV series that inspired you to act?

“Many! American Saturday afternoon TV including Buck Rogers. Anything by Alan Bleasdale (The Sinking of the Laconia / GBH), French and Saunders or A Bit of Fry and Laurie ...endless good TV in those days, some pretty good stuff now too apparently.”

Benedict’s favourite films include:

12 Years A Slave

Ghostbusters I & II

Groundhog Day

Lost in Translation

Glorious 39

Bicycle Thieves Gorky Park

Benedict’s favourite TV picks include:

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

The Sinking of the Laconia GBH Series 1 (Channel 4)

French and Saunders

A Bit of Fry & Laurie

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