Tried and tasted tinnies: the top-rated canned cocktails to sip in 2023

Tried and Tasted Tinnies

Cocktails in a can

by Helena Holdsworth |
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Crack open a craft concoction wherever you are with these canned cocktails.

No glass? No problem. Perfect for on the go, these tinned tipples are ready to drink, with no ice, cocktail shaker or glassware required. From pocket-sized martinis to mini margaritas destined for day drinking, we’ve rounded up the best canned cocktails to have in your cooler this summer…


The best canned cocktails to shop 2023

Funkin, Aperol Spritz 1 of 20

Funkin, Aperol Spritz

For a taste of la dolce vita, Funkin’s Aperol Spritz hits the spot. Bright, orange and bubbly, best enjoyed with a salty snack.

Bloody, The Bloody Classic2 of 20

Bloody The Bloody Classic

Desperate for hair of the dog? Look no further. This boozy bad boy is a hangover cure in a can. Seriously spicy with a salty kick, it’s screaming to be paired with Sunday brunch. Bloody good!

Edinburgh Gin Strawberry & Pink Peppercorn3 of 20

Edinburgh Gin, Strawberry & Pink Peppercorn

A sip of sweet, spice and everything nice. Jammy strawberries and tastebud-tingling pepper, combine with a refreshing pink lemonade - we’re making this gin in a tin our summer sidekick.

Absolut Cocktails Espresso Martini4 of 20

Absolut Cocktails Espresso Martini

An espresso martini always hits the spot and this delightful concoction from Absolut is perfectly balanced, has a good coffee hit and isn't too sweet.

Jamaica Rum Vibes Rum and Ginger5 of 20

Jamaica Rum Vibes, Rum and Ginger

Turn up the heat with Jamaica Rum Vibes. We’re jammin’ this fiery number with a gingered kick and aromatic allspice. Bottoms up!

Whitebox Cocktails, Squeezy's Margarita 6 of 20

Whitebox Cocktails Squeezy's Margarita

As punchy as their price tags, Whitebox Cocktails are strong enough to blow your socks off. This Marg lets the lime steal the spotlight.

M&S, Marksologist Paloma7 of 20

M&S Marksologist Paloma

Simultaneously sweet, sour and salty, this Paloma provides a generous grapefruit punch.

M&S, Marksologist Smoked Pineapple Daiquiri8 of 20

M&S Marksologist Smoked Pineapple Daiquiri

A taste of the tropics, slightly tart with smoky traces of whisky and bitters.

Moth, Margarita9 of 20

Moth Margarita

Unapologetically boozy with maximum flavour, Moth mixology is our taste test victor. Sharp, salty and full of zest, the Marg is a magical fiesta in your mouth, preferably served with a tiny umbrella and salted rim.

Moth, Negroni10 of 20

Moth Negroni

A whiff of the Negroni and suddenly we’re in sunny Florence - a ruby red aperitif that contains a beautiful balance of bitter and sweet, with floral hints of orange essence.

Moth, Old Fashioned11 of 20

Moth Old Fashioned

The strong and heady Old Fashioned is a post-dinner sipper not for the faint-hearted.

Funkin, Alcohol Free Passion Fruit Martini Nitro Can12 of 20

Funkin Alcohol Free Passion Fruit Martini Nitro Can

A non-alcoholic Passionfruit Martini that blew us away. Bursting with lush fruity notes, complemented by swathes of lip-smackingly sweet vanilla, this is the pornstar of your dreams...

M&S Marksologist Salted Caramel Espresso Martini13 of 20

M&S, Marksologist Salted Caramel Espresso Martini

Rich, creamy and decadent, a smooth drink that goes down too easily.

Co-op, Mojito Classic14 of 20

Co-op Mojito Classic

The punchy sharpness and strong minty flavours put this tinnie strides ahead of the usual overly sweet pre-mixed mojitos on the market. Plus, we can’t not mention the incredibly Instagrammable can. Full marks from us!

Luvjus, Blood orange, Pomegranate, Korean Ginseng blended with Vodka15 of 20

Luvjus Blood orange, Pomegranate, Korean Ginseng blended with Vodka

This blood orange beveragino has bitter hints of energising ginseng.

LuvJus, Pineapple, Mint, Jasmine, Korean Ginseng blended with Vodka16 of 20

LuvJus Pineapple, Mint, Jasmine, Korean Ginseng blended with Vodka

A pineapple and mint drink that's reminiscent of a lightened-up piña colada

Tapp’d Blue Lagoon17 of 20

Tapp’d Blue Lagoon

For a blast to the past, try Blue Lagoon. Dig out that 70’s playlist for this tangy turquoise disco drink. A tropical feel with a syrupy taste.

Vacay, Margarita18 of 20

Vacay Margarita

Positively brimming with booze, there’s no tequila burn in sight with this Margarita.

Vacay, Tom Collins19 of 20

Vacay Tom Collins

We adored this Tom Collins which tastes like a grownup lemonade.

Vacay, Vodka Mule20 of 20

Vacay Vodka Mule

Warning: This cocky-Ts will give you serious holibob vibes. And don’t get us started on how cute the characters on the cans are! The Mule’s blend of vodka and ginger beer is a match made in tinnie heaven.

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