8 Of the best gym classes in London you NEED to try

best new gym classes london

by Arianna Chatzidakis |

Getting fit and healthy doesn't have to be a chore - not when there's a whole heap of the best gym classes in London to try. From quirky dance workouts to kick-boxing, to holistic Cannabliss classes to barre, see our pick of workouts that'll leave you looking - and feeling - great. 💪🏽


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best gym classes london
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CREDIT: The Engine Room

The 'BEATS' class at the newly-opened rowing gym The Engine Room will get your heart thumping this the energetic tunes and flashing lights. Expect to participate in a combination of exercises both on and off the Skill Row machine, and to burn a shedload of calories. ud83dudc4aud83cudffd

best gym classes london
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CREDIT: Gymbox

CBD oil is trending for 2019, so this year why not try out a quirky new fitness class from Gymbox dubbed Cannabliss? This recovery focused class - which combines stretches and mobility exercises with the added benefit of CBD patches will be particularly useful if you're a desk worker and suffer from aches and pains.

best gym classes london
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CREDIT: DW Fitness First

Water babies will love this new H20 HIIT workout at DW Fitness First, which brings functional training into the pool with a splash of fun. This timed circuit consists of 5 stations for a full body, fat burning working – Resistance, Cardio, Fight, Core and AMLAP (as many lengths as possible). You'll definitely feel the burn. ud83dudcaaud83cudffd

gymbox new classes london
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CREDIT: House of Voga

Obsessed with yoga but also dancing? Then VOGA Disco Barre may be the ultimate workout class for you. It combines a hardcore ballet barre workout with 70's, 80's and 90's disco and house music. One hour-long workout promises to burn between 750 - 850 calories, so you'll have your work cut out!

new gym classes london
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CREDIT: Gymbox

Is Sandra in sales pissing you off? Does Bob in the IT department keep getting on your last nerve? Got a lot of built up anger that needs releasing? ud83dude21 Then head to the new Anger Management class at Gymbox! This new class includes a combination of exercise, high-velocity movements and relaxation segments to help relieve everyday stress, split into three segments. Pretty cool, huh?

fly ldn new gym classes
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This new workout by FLY LDN is a fast-paced, mat-based Dynamic Pilates class set against cinematic visuals (think relaxing mountainous landscapes, or tranquil forest scenes) . As well as improving your flexibility, strength, posture and alignment, this class will help you relax and de-stress. Just what we all need, tbh. ud83dude4fud83cudffb

psycle new gym classes london
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CREDIT: Psycle

Launching in February is the brand new SOS class at Psycle in Mortimer Street. This 60-minute workout will assist with recovery, muscle repair, release and conscious rest. Expect to do body rolling, trigger point therapy, assisted stretching, restorative poses and breath work that aim's to reset and restore tired, run-down bodies. Basically, it's the perfect pick-me-up!

gym classes new london
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CREDIT: Third Space

Third Space's new functional training space - dubbed The Yard - in Canary Wharf has launched a conditioning circuit brings that fits up to 50 people. In this class, you'll work across 18 stations to a stellar soundtrack - just be ready for a super intensive workout.

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