Bible museum has recycled old celebrity waxworks. Including Tom Cruise as Jesus!

We’ve always seen Matt Damon as a better casting choice for Jesus…

Tom Cruise

by Anna Lewis |
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Celebrity waxworks in Bible museum

Prince Charles as, erm, something...1 of 5

Prince Charles as, erm, something...

Prince Phillip as an angel2 of 5

Prince Phillip as an angel

John Travolta as King Solomon3 of 5

John Travolta as King Solomon

Steve McQueen being all Biblical (right)4 of 5

Steve McQueen being all Biblical (right)

Tom Cruise as Jesus5 of 5

Tom Cruise as Jesus

Ever heard the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Or, “Waste not, want not”?

Well this story is the pure epitome of both those sayings, and we love it!

A quaint little Bible waxwork museum in Ohio, called BibleWalk, is using discarded celebrity waxworks as their Bible-based exhibits.

So if you end up visiting BibleWalk and you think Jesus or another one of those robed guys looks familiar, you’re right!

More news!

Tom Cruise takes pride of place as the big star of the Bible – Jesus. While The Great Escape’s Steve McQueen can also be seen living it up, Bible style.

Not to mention John Travolta as King Solomon.

Plus Prince Charles as someone biblical (not actually sure who) and his dad as an angel.

BibleWalk employee Moriah Daugherty told The Telegraph that although visitors occasionally recognize the famous wax faces embedded in the various panoramas, they don’t detract from the overall experience.

“For the most part people are here to hear the Bible stories, so we do have people recognize them sometimes, but people really do just recognize the word of God and are so in tune to the story that’s going on as they’re walking through the museum that it’s really not too much of a distraction.”

Tom Cruise as the big JC? Seems a bit distracting to us, tbh…

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