Big Brother is back – and the new theme is “Timebomb”

Yay, more Emma Willis outfits for us to drool over


by Rosie Gizauskas |
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Yeah, you heard right: Big Brother is coming back to our tellies. Again. So prepare for more fake tan, slanging matches and fights over who took the last banana.

It’s as if it never went away (and you can be sure it’ll never end. Turn over to an obscure Freeview channel in 50 years time and it’ll STILL be going on, but with holograms instead of actual housemates).

This time the show promises to be “glamourous, thrilling and mischievous” – and it’s got a new theme, called Timebomb. Which sounds quite stressful to us – clocks and bombs everywhere. We feel very edgy. No more coffee for us.

“The clock will start ticking and the Housemates’ past, present and future will be in the hands of Big Brother,” reads the jazzy new press release.

“The BB House has been totally revamped and is decorated in a sophisticated, sleek Mad Men 60’s style.

“With Big Brother playing with the concept of time, the tasks, secret missions and twists promise to have tension, drama and intrigue. How will this affect the housemates? Time may be a friend or an enemy and for some it may well run out.”

Here's the new creepy eye
Here's the new creepy eye

There’s even a creepy new BB eye with mechanical mechanism-y bits in that we can’t stop looking at.

We can’t wait.

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