There’s a cheese festival coming to the UK and it’s the stuff of dreams

If you're lactose intolerant, we're truly, truly sorry


by Ruby Norris |
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This summer has been the gift that keeps on giving for food-lovers up and down the country, thanks to the array of culinary festivals popping up here, there and everywhere.

We thougt we'd peaked with mouth-watering Pizza festival in Birmingham back in April, then along came the Mac 'n' Cheese fest we full on died and went to foodie heaven. London's fried chicken celebrations were a nice little palette cleanser, too.

Alas, these turned out to be mere pit-stops on our pilgrimage to foodie Mecca, as there's going to be a festival dedicated to all things cheese at Brighton Racecourse. It literally could not brie (lol) more up our street.


The Big Cheese Festival is not actually happening until 3rd March 2018, but you know that age old saying, right? Good cheese comes to those who wait…

Early bird tickets have ALREADY sold out. So, if you fancy swimming in pools of molten Camembert or chomping on chunks of Cheddar next spring, grab yourself a standard ticket (from £19.95) now.


In other food news, you may soon be forced to wave a tearful goodbye to one of your favourite flavours of Walkers crisp, as Salt and Vinegar, Smoky Bacon and Prawn Cocktail are in danger.

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And, there's now a Harry Potter-themed bar crawl and it sounds bloody magical (if Harry Potter-related organised fun is your thing).

It's called The Harry Potter and the Order of the Pub Crawl and is run by events company Bootlegger. Everyone has to dress up as their favourite Harry Potter character and will then be sorted into houses upon arrival.

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