Bill Turnbull is leaving BBC Breakfast after 15 years on the show

Bill wants to spend more time with his wife… and, erm, his bees

Bill Turnbull

by Anna Lewis |

We’ve got some pretty sad news for you, guys…

Bill Turnbull has announced he’s leaving* BBC Breakfast* next year after 15 years on the show.

Bill explained to The Mirror that he wants to spend more time with his wife Sarah and his “neglected” bees.


"I agreed to come north for two years and it went so well I agreed to do another two years.

"That is coming to an end - by that time I will have been doing the show for nearly 15 years, which is more than enough for me and the audience.

"So it is a good time to call it a day and do something else. It was a long-term decision," he added, saying that he has "no regrets".

Of his beloved bees, Bill added: "I have been neglecting my bees for far too long. They are on a farm, they were going to come up here to the Lakes where we live but it was too windy.

"They are down in Buckinghamshire, I don't see them very often but they don't seem to mind!

"I haven't been able to keep chickens for a few years, so all these things will take up time," he continued.

"We are going to move to Suffolk with a bit of luck, it is where we have got family and friends, we have got to know Suffolk quite well in the last year and we like it, so we are planning to move there."

Bill also admitted that the 3am starts have played their part in his decision to quit.

"You get hardened to it and I have done it thousands of times and it still never gets any easier," he explained. "Doing that in combination with more than three hours of current affairs a day is tiring. There is no two ways about it."

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