Bongo’s Bingo is doing livestream games and bye bye, lockdown blues

More fun for your self-isolation schedule

Bongo's Bingo

by Carl Smith |

So it turns out 2020's weird af. If you'd have told us two weeks ago that all our socialising would be done over Skype and an old Limp Bizkit hoodie would be considered the height of conference call couture, we'd have laughed in your face. But, also, the coronavirus pandemic is happening and the world's on some Black Mirror shiz right now.

As we all adjust to 'the new normal' - which basically involves approximately 97 trips to the fridge a day with some inconvenient 'calls' in between - everyone's wondering how to fill all those extra hours in the day.

One very-viable option? BONGO'S BINGO.

Yep - the most bonkers live show you ever did see (if you have no idea what it involves, EDUCATE YOURSELF) is here to cure those quarantine blues with its livestream games over on Twitch. Booze optional.

Bongo's Bingo
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If you're up for a bit of bingo with some 'bumps along the way,' tunes to bring all the '90s nostalgia and the chance to win a double-ended dildo (these are pretty desperate times, after all...), subscribe to their channel and you'll be notified when the next session's set to kick off.

Staying in's so the new going out.

All you need to join the carnage is a UK-registered mobile number, a pen and some paper (preferably not toilet paper - that stuff's LITERAL GOLD DUST.) The best bit? It's totally free and basically BYOB. Hoorah.

BELOW: The best apps to do (virtual) after-work drinks 🥂


A Guide To Video-Socialising This Weekend

A Guide To Video-Socialising This Weekend
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Zoom is a very work-focused video conferencing tool, offering to 'empower your workforce' with different webinar software, conference rooms and chat services. This is a great one to call your boss on, but your mum might have a harder time celebrating 'wine o'clock' when you're invited her into a virtual conference room.

A Guide To Video-Socialising This Weekend
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The cool kids app, literally. Houseparty takes video calling that one step further with features to allow secret chats among group calls and much more.When you log into Houseparty, you're 'in the house' and can then be added into different rooms for different chats or ask people to join yours by sending a link through SMS text message. This one just SOUNDS more fun, and since we're all actually going to be sitting at home in our PJs wishing we could be at the pub, we need it.

A Guide To Video-Socialising This Weekend
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Probably the easiest video-chatting tool, Skype has been around so long it's potentially the easiest one for elderly relatives to get their head around. Not only can you video chat, you can call landlines or mobile phones around the world and send text messages.

A Guide To Video-Socialising This Weekend
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This app/Chrome extension allows you to call any phone number in the world and allows for status messages, videos and emojis to be sent in video or voice calls – group or individual. It strikes a healthy balance between feeling work-orientated and fun-orientated, so it's the best of both worlds if you fancy a one-size-fits-all tool.

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Right, what the actual hell is Bongo's Bingo?

Candy Crush is now offering UNLIMITED lives. YAAAS.

Everything you need to know about the UK's new supermarket regulations and opening times

In further lockdown-related news, Candy Crush fans will be pleased to know the app's now offering unlimited free lives, meaning you'll potentially be procrastinating from now 'till this is all over.

Upon opening the game, you'll see the message: 'Every day of this week, you get 24 hrs of unlimited lives. From all of us who make Candy Crush, we hope this helps out, even if it's just a little bit.'

It ain't all bad, eh?

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