QUIZ: What does your Busted crush say about you?

James, Charlie or Matt?


by A Jakes |
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From a (slightly) out of tune rendition of 'Air hostess, I like the way you dresssssss' into your Charlie Red body spray bottle to an impressive air guitar in double Maths - Busted mania reached us all. Raise your hand if 'A Present For Everyone' trumped all your birthday and christmas gifts combined. [heat raises hand above head, well keenly].

The band was made up of three very different fitlords - Matt Willis, James Bourne and Charlie Simpson and you probably fancied one of them during the noughties. It was the unspoken rule, a bit like your Motorola Razor ringtone being Cascada and going through a phase of wearing exclusively matte foundation on your lips.

Busted old picture

BUT. Which one did you fancy? And what does it say about your personality?

All will be revealed...

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