Calvin Harris tells heat radio: “Andreas should win X Factor – he’s amazing”

He also tells us why he and Ellie Goulding won’t be snogging again in his latest video…

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The tallest man in the land Calvin Harris swung by (and stooped down) for a chat on heat radio this weekend and told us that he’s been watching the X Factor a lot this year from his pad in LA. ““I am watching it because Theo (from the Hurts) makes me watch it when he comes to stay.” However that doesn’t mean he regrets legging it onto the X Factor stage with a pineapple back in 2009 (which he said at the time was to “make a mockery” of the show and its “terrible” music). “I’m glad I stormed on stage with a pineapple,” he laughs, “And I stand by my opinions and reasons for doing it!”

andrea faustini - not a pineapple

But at least there’s one X Factor singer who’s above the pineapple treatment – that’s Andrea Faustini. “Andrea has an amazing, amazing voice,” Calvin told heat radio, “He should win because he’s the best!”

Speaking about his new album Motion which includes collaborations with the likes of Haim, Gwen Stefani and John Newman, Calvin told us he’d love to work with a certain long legged songstress next; “I’d love to work with Taylor Swift, she’s an amazing songwriter with all that Nashville training”.

ellie and calvin

His new single Outside features a second outing by Ellie Goulding who played his love interest in I Need Your Love and who he smooched so much in the video, people were convinced they were really dating. “We’re definitely not playing boyfriend and girlfriend in the video this time,” he smiles, “Too many people believed it last time so it’s not happening again! I guess it was very convincing because a lot of people thought it was ‘on’ between us.” Instead he says the new video – which is released on Wednesday, will feature figments of their imagination instead. “We’ve changed it this time so I have an imaginary girlfriend and she has an imaginary boyfriend. So people can believe they are our real boyfriends and girlfriends instead of us!”

Calvin has been forced to pull out of this weekend's MTV EMAs in Glasgow due to ill health- get well soon Calvin!

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