CBB: Is Gemma Collins the biggest stirrer in the house?

Come on, GC. Play nicely.

CBB: Gemma Collins

by Georgina Terry |

Colour us cynical, but Gemma Collins seems to have an old-fashioned Celebrity Big Brother game plan.

How do we know?

As well as the evidence of our eyes, GEMMA HAS ACTUALLY ADMITTED IT.

Following yesterday’s epic Megan McKenna meltdown, in which Gemma encouraged Megan in her tirade against John Partridge, Danniella Westbrook had a quiet word with the TOWIE star.

“I’m going to be honest with you, and not in a horrible way,” Danni said.

“You load a gun up and then people get pissed off and they fire off.”

To which Gemma replied:

“I know what I’m doing, don’t I?”

Blimey, GC.

And she doesn’t seem to be able to let the vendetta against John go.

Keep a wary eye on GC, John
Keep a wary eye on GC, John

Big Brother organised a lip synch battle to bring the house back into harmony after the massive Megan kick off and it worked! Until Gemma rained on the positivity parade.

Sitting in the garden afterwards, Gemma told some of the housemates that John had pulled a face when she and Megan took to the stage and mentioned Essex, and asked: “Is that being catty or what?”

David Gest, who is our new personal hero, tried to pour oil on troubled waters, and said: “Come on, tonight let’s not go there.”

To which Gemma replied that she would “rather voice it than keep it in”.

Ooh, GC. We’re seeing a side to her we weren’t expecting.

Hopefully it’s just a blip and she’ll chill out after escaping eviction. Because she’s bound to, right? RIGHT?

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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