Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson CHEAT on their partners

Not cool, guys

Sarah Harding

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Day 12 in the Celebrity Big Brother House and things are getting h-h-h-HOT.

Arguably, as hot as Tom Hardy sipping a cup of tea on a beach in Bali.

Ex Sound Of The Underground crooner Sarah Harding and self-proclaimed Bachelorette bad boy Chad Johnsonshared a cheeky snog and then fell into bed together for some spooning.

We all know where spooning leads. (Or will lead in the upcoming weeks, if the telly gods have their way).

However, don't rush off to Marks and Sparks to buy a fancy-shmancy hat, because OF COURSE, the pair are seeing other people outside the house. Oh deary dear.

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Chad Johnson is dating model Zoe Baron, who got together after she messaged him asking for workout tips.

Zoe has since tweeted 'I feel like the world is ending, idk'.

Sarah Harding also has a boyfriend on the outside world.

Admdst the tongue sandwiches, Sarah Harding said she is 'trying to be a decent person' (LOL) and then admitted she was feeling 'lonely' and 'needs company'.

Who knew.being in a house with 10+ people all day, everyday could be lonely? Maybe Sarah should try being us on a Sunday evening as we frantically Google 'What kind of bread am I?' in a porridge-stained onesie.

Sarah asked Chad if her boyfriend would be annoyed at the smooching sessions, to which Chad replied:

"Maybe. he probably won't be happy. I don't think cuddling is going to change anything."

Sarah replied: "I don't want to act like any other girl. Other people share beds and it's fine. I want a cuddle. I need a cuddle. I'm just confused."


Amelia-Lily doesn't approve of the 'almost affair' and said, "Her and Chad, I just think its disrespectful to her boyfriend in the outside world. I'm disappointed in him as well, he should have more respect for the man, he's a man not a little kid."

What d'ya think of CBB's newest romance, then? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, please.

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