CBB: Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell – THE LOVE IS DEAD


CBB: Stephanie Davis

by Georgina Terry |
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Sad news, romance fans. The greatest love story of, err, January 2016 is over.

Jeremy McConnell has finally turned his back on Stephanie Davis.

Yes, just one day after admitting that he’s fallen in love with the ex-Hollyoaks party girl, Jezza has turned his back on her.


Two reasons.

  1. Stephanie squirted toothpaste in his hair.

  2. Stephanie said that she plans to marry her maybe still boyfriend Sam Reece. Ouch.

Err, Jezza? You've got something in your hair, mate
Err, Jezza? You've got something in your hair, mate

The second scene unfolded when the housemates speculated about who is going to come into the house to fill the gaping holes left by the walk outs of Jonathan Cheban, David Gest and Angie Bowie.

Stephanie told them: “I think it could be Sam! He’s a known model.”

To which Gemma shouted: “Oh my God! Is that your boyfriend? He’s f*cking gorgeous Steph, I can see why you want to marry him.”

Stephanie agreed, with GC, saying: “He’s f*cking gorg isn’t he? I’m gonna (marry him).”

Which is a pretty harsh thing to say with Jeremy actually in the same room.

Sam Reece: known model

Later, Jezza took himself and his 10-inch penis to the Diary Room, and told Big Bro: “I hate drama. I know it’s a game. I am so over it and bored of it. I’m sure you’ve heard her say ‘what are we gonna do on the outside? Are you gonna wait?’

“What the f*ck does that mean? If she didn’t have any intentions with me and she has a boyfriend, would she say that? Cos I wouldn’t.

“It’s too much! My head has melted. I don’t want to speak to her. I just don’t get it."

"She’s the one who’s not being honest and real.”

Poor Jezz-wezzy.

The tattoed fit one then left the Diary Room to find Stephanie sitting by the door waiting for him.

She asked him for a hug, which is well cringe, and Jeremy told her no and to chill out, which we can understand.

Steph than began to get upset - again - and asked him for a hug - again. But Jeremy stood firm and walked out into the garden, withholding a hug.


Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

Could one of this likely lot be going into the house to fill the Jonathan / David / Angie holes?


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