Celebrities with their dads – from Rihanna to Victoria Beckham

We thought we'd find out who the papas were behind some of our favourite stars - from Rihanna and her daddio Ronald to Victoria Beckham and one of the four important men in her life - her dad Tony.


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Celebrities with their dads

Rihanna and dad Ronald1 of 36

Rihanna and dad Ronald

Victoria Beckham and dad Tony2 of 36

Victoria Beckham and dad Tony

Michelle Keegan and Mike3 of 36

Michelle Keegan and Mike

Alexander Skarsgard and dad Stellan4 of 36

Alexander Skarsgard and dad Stellan

Ashlee Simpson and dad Joe5 of 36

Ashlee Simpson and dad Joe

Ben Stiller and dad Jerry6 of 36

Ben Stiller and dad Jerry

Beyonce and dad Mathew7 of 36

Beyonce and dad Mathew

Blake Lively and Ernie8 of 36

Blake Lively and Ernie

Chris Pine and dad Robert9 of 36

Chris Pine and dad Robert

Emma Watson and dad Chris10 of 36

Emma Watson and dad Chris

George Clooney and dad Nick11 of 36

George Clooney and dad Nick

Nicole Ritchie and dad Lionel12 of 36

Nicole Ritchie and dad Lionel

Hayden Panettiere and dad Alan13 of 36

Hayden Panettiere and dad Alan

Heidi Klum and dad Gunther14 of 36

Heidi Klum and dad Gunther

Helen Flanagan and her dad15 of 36

Helen Flanagan and her dad

Isla Fisher and dad Brian16 of 36

Isla Fisher and dad Brian

Jennifer Aniston and dad John17 of 36

Jennifer Aniston and dad John

Jessica Biel and dad John18 of 36

Jessica Biel and dad John

Katherine Jenkins and her dadda19 of 36

Katherine Jenkins and her dadda

Katy Perry and dad Keith20 of 36

Katy Perry and dad Keith

Kellan Lutz and dad Bradley21 of 36

Kellan Lutz and dad Bradley

Kylie Jenner and Bruce22 of 36

Kylie Jenner and Bruce

Lauren Goodger and her daddio23 of 36

Lauren Goodger and her daddio

Lena Dunham and dad Carroll24 of 36

Lena Dunham and dad Carroll

Lewis Hamilton and dad Anthony25 of 36

Lewis Hamilton and dad Anthony

Liv Tryler and dad Steve26 of 36

Liv Tryler and dad Steve

Lucy Mecklenburgh... again27 of 36

Lucy Mecklenburgh... again

Michael Douglas and Kirk28 of 36

Michael Douglas and Kirk

Michelle Keegan... again29 of 36

Michelle Keegan... again

Nicole Kidman and dad Anthony30 of 36

Nicole Kidman and dad Anthony

Orlando Bloom and dad Colin31 of 36

Orlando Bloom and dad Colin

Rachel Bilson and dad Danny32 of 36

Rachel Bilson and dad Danny

Sheridan Smith and dad Colin33 of 36

Sheridan Smith and dad Colin

Sienna Miller and dad Ed34 of 36

Sienna Miller and dad Ed

A tiny Tinie Tempah with his dad35 of 36

A tiny Tinie Tempah with his dad

Zoe Kravitz and dad Lenny36 of 36

Zoe Kravitz and dad Lenny

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